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Saint Menace: The Patron Saint of Terror By John Tomaino
eBook (ePub): $5.99
The statue of Saint Menaus had been the source of controversy amongst the townspeople for centuries. Some worshipped at the foot of the biblical monument, while others dared not approach it,... More > frightened by generations of folklore about the saint who had succumbed to Satan. A bond now exists to unite all men on earth: The Internet - and Saint Menaus is ready to command his silent army throughout the web. None is more devout than Mr Winter Jeffrey. His feverish evangelism flourishes in the stealth of the net, where old crimes play out in new ways. No messy blood trails. No fleeing from crime scenes. Immune from the reach of traditional policing. A place where identities are lost in online ghettos with dial-up vulnerability. All Saint Menaus needs is a chat-room handle. Jesus had his disciples. God had his saints. But what if the devil didn’t work alone? What if he, too, had a helper? The original devil’s advocate. Satan’s very own servant. Saint Menace: the Patron Saint of Terror.< Less