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The Dead Claim Their Own By Candace L. Bowser
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Isabel Ravenwood has been the responsibility of her loving brother her entire life. When a correspondence arrives from a family in Portsmouth, Henry is more than skeptical whereas Isabel is elated.... More > With serious doubts despite the Bennington's willingness to provide all requested documents to prove their relationship to their mother, Henry allows his beloved sister to travel to Portsmouth to meet promising to follow along shortly. Upon his arrival, Henry is filled with inexplicable dread, an overwhelming sense of fear, and immediately wishes to leave. But as they would soon learn, the manor has more secrets than truths. Determined to learn the mystery behind Bennington Manor and the estate, Henry teeters on the brink of madness until he is finally able to understand the dead claim their own...< Less
Memoirs of An Immortal Life By Candace L. Bowser
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How fragile is life? It is a question which could not be evaded in my youth. Yet, here I stand, a testament of time despite facing what was once considered a death sentence. I did not understand the... More > complexity of the relationship between them at first. It was only with time the truth would become known and the courage would rise to publish it. My name is Claudia Van Helsing, the daughter of Abraham Van Helsing, niece of Vladimir Baserab Tepes, and I am an immortal, a proud member of the Order of the Dracul, and the last living descendant of the man the world came to know as Dracula.< Less
Thirteen Pieces of 8 By Candace L. Bowser
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Florian Reinhardt is unique among his kind. He has spent the last 600 hundred years seeking out his brethren and killing those he feels are unworthy of the gift they possess. His companion, a witch... More > who is far older than him, aids him on his quest. When Florian angers the wrong coven of vampyres, he places his beloved Sybilene's life in danger. Weakened by his loss, Florian must accept help from the only vampire he has vowed to kill no matter the cost; his creator Xavier Entienne Dorian. As they search for his only love, Florian and Xavier soon discover there is more at play than they realized. The Dark Prince, the creator of the entire vampyre race, has come to claim his gifts; the vampyres in possession of the Thirteen Pieces of 8. Faced with an offer that no vampyre could refuse, Florian must decide where his loyalty lies and if it is strong enough to save not only Sybilene but those he soon finds in his company. Between loyalty and despair lies the answer and only Florian can chose their fate.< Less
The Wolves of Dullahan Lupus Rising By Candace L. Bowser
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Serenity was a feeling long lost to the Hollow until Leigh’s discovery. The lost tribe of the Minqua returned to their home; a home they had not known in many centuries. Peace became as... More > commonplace as dew upon the morning grass and prosperity followed. When a long lost descendant returns, that peace is endangered and the true destiny of those who dwell in the valley below the O’Bannon estate will be tested as it never has been before leaving only one question to be answered.< Less