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Winter Warriors By Stuart Slade
eBook (ePub): $9.99
One great German offensive has broken through the Russian defenses leaving an Allied army trapped in the frozen waste land of the Kola Peninsula. While the armies try to survive the bitter cold... More > opposing ski-troops fight a vicious private war to dominate the ground between by their armies. Desperate to break the deadlock, the German Navy sets sail in an effort to destroy the convoys that keep the allied troops on Kola alive. And so, an epic naval battle brews in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. In the midst of the fighting, a U.S. Navy railway gun crew, Russian railway engineers and Siberian ski-troops come together in a desperate battle to save the great guns from the advancing German troops. Behind the scenes, in a war-weary America, another political battle is being fought, one in which a supposed friend can be as deadly an enemy as any found on the Kola Peninsula.< Less
The High Frontier By Stuart Slade
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Living and working in space is man's greatest challenge. The men and women serving on board the Manned Orbiting Laboratories and the new Manned Orbital Weapons Station know that they are the leading... More > edge of the most important project humanity has ever undertaken. The conquest of space will guarantee humanity's future. The danger is that there may not be enough time left. On Earth, one empire is collapsing under its own weight and there are those in its government who believe that utter destruction is preferable to defeat. Will a conspiracy to stop them succeed? Another government is trying to repair the damage done by previous blunders and re-establish relations with the rest of the world. Can they succeed before their enemies use a new and dreadful weapon to stop them? As the simultaneous crises converge to threaten destruction, a baffling mystery is solved. But the question remains.... Will humanity have time to scale "The High Frontier?"< Less
Tactics and Techniques of Electronic Warfare In Vietnam By Stuart Slade & Bernard C. Nalty
eBook (ePub): $9.99
The air campaign mounted against North Vietnam between 1965 and 1972 was the first time that an integrated air defense system based around radar-controlled guns and surface-to-air missiles had been... More > encountered. Proponents of surface-to-air missiles had claimed that their lethality would drive manned aircraft from the battlefield. The U.S. Air Force was hard-pressed to neutralize North Vietnam's radar-controlled defenses, but did prevail and successfully delivered punishing blows during Operation Linebacker II in December 1972. Electronic countermeasures support for the air war against North Vietnam included stand-off jamming, Wild Weasel operations, the use of self-protection pods, and the employment of chaff. Using all these techniques, Linebacker II saw the B-52s of Strategic Air Command facing the most effective air defense system the Soviet Union could provide. The B-52s won; the much-heralded surface-to-air missiles were scoring a lower kill rate than German defenses in World War Two< Less
Air War Vietnam Plans and Operations 1969 - 1975 By Elizabeth Hartsook & Stuart Slade
Paperback: $34.95
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During the middle and late 1970s, the United States Air Force Historical Research Center produced a series of 17 monographs that detailed the history of the Vietnam War. These remarkable documents... More > contain a wealth of historical data that explain the background and reasoning behind many controversial decisions. Air War Vietnam is a compilation of these monographs that casts new light on why the Vietnam war was fought the way it was and why a war that could and should have been won was instead lost.< Less