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Math Mammoth Decimals 2 By Maria Miller
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Math Mammoth Decimals 2 is a book about decimal place value and the four operations with decimals. It is most suitable for 5th and 6th grade. The book starts with a short review of previously learned... More > concepts (from Math Mammoth Decimals 1): place value with tenths and hundredths, and adding and subtracting decimals that have tenths and hundredths. The rest of the book is spent learning the four operations of decimals with numbers that have up to three decimal digits, and especially concentrating on decimal multiplication and division.< Less
Math Mammoth Division 2 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $9.95
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Math Mammoth Division 2 focuses on division, long division, a remainder, part problems, average and problem solving. Then students study basics such as division terms, division by 1 and 0, and... More > dividing by whole tens and hundreds. It covers the important relationship between fractions and division. We study about the remainder just before the first lesson on long division because the student needs to understand this concept very well. Long division is taught in several small steps over many lessons. We start with the situation where each of the thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones can be divided evenly by the divisor. Then is introduced the remainder in the ones. Next comes the situation where we have a remainder in the tens. Finally, we study where there is a remainder in the hundreds, and so on. All along the long division lessons, the process is explained so that the student can understand what it is based on.< Less
Math Mammoth Grade 6 Answer Keys (Light Blue Series) By Maria Miller
Paperback: $12.95
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This book includes answers for the Math Mammoth Grade 6-A and 6-B (Light Blue Series) student worktexts, for all the chapter tests, and for the cumulative reviews for grade 6.
Math Mammoth Decimals 1 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $8.95
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Math Mammoth Decimals 1 is a self-teaching workbook that presents an introduction to decimal numbers. It is suitable for fourth or fifth grade math. However, the book in itself is not tied to any... More > grade level. The goal in this book is to study tenths and hundredths - or maximum of two decimal digits - so the student gets solid foundation in understanding the simpler decimals without developing some common misconceptions. Division and other decimal place value topics are left for the book Division 2. Number lines are used extensively, and all new concepts are introduced slowly so the student has time to truly understand. Full answers are appended to the book.< Less