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A Bittersweet Aftermath Whitney E. Houston By Rena Houston
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The Chosen Childs name here is Jane! A victim of child trafficking from which she endured inhumane abuse by her so called family. She was sentenced to death early in her life. She fought to live and... More > hoped that one day she would be reunited with her biological mother permanently. Jane’s mother was strength for her to keep on fighting to live through the pain. She realized that she’s permanently exiled for good by her real family! Every aspect of Jane’s life has been an endless war. At the end of the day it’s just blank question left in the air… Why? Jane will not rest until justice has been served and she gets the proper recognition of her real birth name and status! Jane will no longer be called someone who she is not, nor be tied to a demonic family who treated her like garbage in which she or her biological birth mother never agreed to. Let’s get that straight! Jane said to me,I saw her as mama, my world, the love of my life, and never knew she was a celebrity.” Janes’ life has been completely altered.< Less