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Crowd Safety Tips By Larry B. Perkins
eBook (PDF): $5.00
These very simple, but effective Crowd Safety Tips, teach you how to be prepared, what to be aware of, and how to get to safety should a crowd, natural and/or manmade incident happens. These crowd... More > safety tips will provide you hope and re-assurance, no matter if you're attending an event, shopping in a mall, or on a crowded train plateform. You'll learn: What to do if you are caught in an out of control or packed crowd. How to recognize the danger signals and the hot spots of crowds. Where you should position yourself within a crowd. Learn how to escape if you should find yourself down (on the ground) in a crowd. Know what to do before you leave home. How to gauge the effectiveness of security. How much time you have to escape a dangerous situation. How to protect your chest cavity if caught against a railing or other barriers. Learn the different types of surfaces and what they mean. Understand the mob mentality and crowd movement.< Less
Eight Point Crowd and Event Planning Model By Larry B. Perkins
eBook (PDF): $11.19
Event planners must understand how to prepare for the human fact in all events. There is no question that injures and deaths occur during public gatherings. The eight steps outlined in this book will... More > help you identified, plan and executive the event to minimize the dangers that lurk within crowds and events. When life is imperiled or a dire situation is at hand, safe alternatives may not exist. Ask yourself, “what are my oppositions?”< Less
Staying Cool in Hot Situations By Larry B. Perkins
eBook (PDF): $1.50
“Staying Cool in Hot Situations™, Mottos, dos and don’ts” are metaphors that buildings should strategically place around their venues (Restrooms, restaurants, walkways,... More > elevators, etc.), post on their websites and otherwise communicate and relates these to the general public (programs, brochures, Jumbotron, etc.). These become subtle ways to re-brand your “code of conduct”.< Less
Jake the Cow Hand By Larry B. Perkins
eBook (PDF): $4.90
Jake the Cowhand – Is a three in one project. 1. Jake is a young boy who likes riding his horse Charlie. One of his chores is to let the cows out of the pasture to graze in the green fields of... More > his family farm. He discovers a calf is missing from its mother, and they come to the rescue. 2. Booktalk™ is an educational tool that can be used to reinforce a child’s learning and understanding of what they just read. Having them write a book review, they tell their own story and what they liked and didn’t like about the story of Jake the Cow Hand. This process enhances their remembrance, understanding and restructure of the story. The journal becomes a keepsake that may form the bases of their own book. 3. Band of Writers™ is a print on demand publisher. There’s NO COST to you to develop and submit your book (children, family history, HR policy manuals, calendars, etc.). All you do is up-load your book on our website, approve the format and you’re an author. Visit us at< Less

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