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Soul Low By Kentrell Blanche
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They don’t know me, They don’t hold me accountable, They don’t make me Face the consequences of my actions. So, I choose them. I choose their company- To feel better, to... More > pretend That my dreams And reality are one, Where no one knows What I have done. I choose them because I can look them in their faces And feel no guilt, And have nothing to shield, And have no reason to stand still. I choose them Because there are no connections, There is no affection, There is no preferred direction. I can just go where I want to go And feel no remorse When I get there. No, they don’t know me So, it’s easier to walk in those shoes; They don’t know me So, I choose them over you< Less
His Favorite Boots By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $7.49
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It wasn't a fail; It was simply a ship That should have never sailed. You should have been left Right there at the dock; But, I loved you And I couldn't stop. I couldn't stop believing, I couldn't... More > stop reaching; I could've stopped breathing- When you chose to leave; You stole my peace. You couldn't make it Down the beanstalk fast enough; And there I was- Left hanging with giant hopes For love. Me, Taking on the leading role In yet another fairytale That should have never been told; You, Taking shortcuts To free your soul- Shortchanging me On the energy That I invested In our happily ever after; I thought we would escape as one But, I guess Your peace is all that mattered< Less
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The Translation of Yesterday By Kentrell Blanche
Paperback: $8.00
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nothing is more devastating the mirror images that hardly reflect the sense of fulfillment that we thought would tomorrow would bring. here i am..devastated and unaware of how much more i can bear.