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Perl By Keith Gilbert
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What would it be like to be the first humans to experience First Contact? An unexpected meeting. An extraordinary opportunity. For Eve and Adrian such an experience was the thing of pure... More > fantasy… something they were completely unprepared for. In less than one day they would be exposed to a Mind that would challenge them to think about what it is to be human and evolving, and they are given a glimpse of a possible future among the stars. Are you prepared?< Less
Perl By Keith Gilbert
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"She stopped in mid sentence, her eyes on Perl’s movements. Perl slowly took off the white gloves exposing translucent flesh with patterns of purple and pink beneath.  Eve’s... More > hands went to her mouth as Perl’s hands were exposed. They each had two longish fingers and a thumb with the ends of each digit slightly bulbous. The muscles and tendons of Perl’s hands could be seen through the flesh. Perl pulled down the scarf over its face and slowly pulled back the hood of the garment.  Eve’s eyes widened as Perl exposed its head which looked like it had evolved from an amphibious ancestor in the same way humans may have evolved from a common ancestor of chimpanzees." Have you met Perl yet? “Perl is a fascinating read and a completely different 'take' on 'exploring our universe’" Aaron McLoughlin - NLP Consultant< Less
The Little Guide to Real Love By Keith Gilbert & Megan Royle
eBook (PDF): $4.95
Do you want to experience more happiness in your life? Do you want to experience affection and meaningful touch and warmth? Do you want to be loved, understood, and appreciated? Do you want happy,... More > healthy relationships? Do you want to attract a loving, respectful partner? Do you want to understand the importance of your emotions? Do you want to reduce anxiety and depression? Do you want to enjoy life more of the time? Do you want to find purpose in your life? Do you want to be free? In this Little Guide Megan and Keith invite you to ask the really good questions that help you to relate to yourself and stimulate your creativity so that you can enjoy more Real Love in your life.< Less
High Performance Eye Movement System By Keith Gilbert
eBook (PDF): $4.95
H.E.M.S. High Performance Eye Movement System In the early days of the development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Richard Bandler and John Grinder discovered that we move our eyes in a... More > systematic way when thinking about memories or creativity. The movement of our eyes suggested that we were accessing or creating information. High Performance Eye Movement System (H.E.M.S.) takes advantage of this behaviour and uses it as a leverage point for encouraging greater flexibility in how we think and subsequently behave. H.E.M.S. combines eye movement, NLP patterns and Ericksonian language to help clients move past trauma and change unhealthy habits. It can also be used to assist people with enhancing imagination and creativity. If you are a NLP consultant, psychologist, chiropractor, osteopath, general physician, counsellor or teacher you can use H.E.M.S. to augment the work you do with your clients and students.< Less

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