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Autumn of Love: A Young Girl's Erotic and Sexually Explicit True Love Story Set in Nineteen Sixties' England By Angela Goodnight
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Angela's TRUE story is erotic & sexually explicit. It tells of her teenage love affair, her first fumbling attempts at sexual discovery with her boyfriend, their mutual & traumatic loss of... More > virginity & the heady weeks of love, sex & orgasms which followed until events overtook them. In the 1960s sex was less common than might be expected during the time of the flower-power & hippie revolution. Free love was the domain of colourful urban fashionable groupies, not provincial teenagers. Rural England was as staid as ever. Sex education was non-existent & most teenagers knew nothing of the genitals of the opposite sex. The clitoris was a mystery to girls & unheard of by boys. Even 60's porn was airbrushed to obliterate any detail! Boys - if you have ever wondered about a girl's sexual feelings then this is also the book for you, but there is more to it than just erotica. It is an exciting romantic adventure, overflowing with love, feeling & great sensitivity. This is written from the heart.< Less
Autumn of Love: A Young Girl's Erotic and Sexually Explicit True Love Story Set in Nineteen Sixties' England By Angela Goodnight
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This is a rewrite of 'Teenage Erotica', but for the Romance market. In the late sixties Angela Goodnight was studying at a school on the south coast of England for university entrance. A virgin,... More > this story deals with the wonderfully exciting weeks of discovering young love, sex and the loss of her virginity with a classmate she loves to this day. Teenagers were much more innocent in the sixties and what little most knew about sex was from biology - the facts, and Smut One - distorted facts! Those incredible weeks of discovery came to an end as events separated her from her love prior to college and university, but in 2010 she discovered him again through facebook and, with his permission and help, decided to write about that wonderful autumn of love they both experienced. Angela hopes it will rekindle the memories of your own early fumbling encounters and that heady time when innocence and virginity are gone forever.< Less
Teenage Erotica from Petting to Sex, Lost Virginity to Multiple Orgasms: A Virgin Girl's Erotic Story of True Love and Sexual Discovery By Angela Goodnight
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This is Angela's true story of her first love affair. In the 60s sex was less common than might be imagined. Free love was the thing of drop-outs, provincial villages were as staid as ever. Angela... More > describes her first fumbling attempts at petting & how, with her true love, it developed into desire, the loss of virginity & the ability to experience multiple orgasms. Boys - if you have ever wondered what a girl experiences during sex then this is the book for you. However, there is more to this book than erotica, it has a lovely & exciting story with a real twist in the tale. The book has been written in conjunction with Peter Stone & he has written his own version from the boy's perspective for girls to read. Angela's writing skill is superb & the graphic descriptions of genitals & the sex act itself, is beautifully done & tempered by great feeling & sensitivity as well as excellent spelling & grammar. See her AngelaGoodnight website or spotlight for more details.< Less
The Case of the Girl With the Turquoise Eyes: Horrific Thriller - This Is a Tale of Love Affair to Sexual Nightmare from Romance and Kidnap to the Horror of Rape By Angela Goodnight, Peter Stone
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Peter Stone, once again with Angela Goodnight’s help to provide the feminine perspective, has woven a delicious & steamy tale of love & romance, but this time coupled with horror,... More > imprisonment & rape. Initially our yet-to-be hero & heroine meet & we enjoy the romance becoming a story of true love. However, mid-tale, events take a surprising & horrific twist involving kidnap from the streets of London & imprisonment by a psychopathic & perverted fiend. Follow the story as a second hero joins in with a desperate race against the clock to discover the identity of the perpetrator & find the captives. An attempted rescue fails & the story takes off into a race against time with the threat of imminent life & death. The story has two twists in the tale & the excitement grows throughout until its thrilling conclusion. But this is not all horror & violence, there is a tender love story & romance plays an important role throughout the story. A truly emotional & enjoyable read.< Less