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Living Metal: Rebirth Special Edition By Matthew Harrington
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Born of flesh, baptized in steel, we are what lie beyond the next stages of human evolution. This rebirth of humanity was given to us to server a purpose that never came to be. Betrayed by the ones... More > who created us, we were force to sleep and soon forgotten about. It’s been a hundred years and finally we are waking up. No longer we will stand by with an unfulfilled propose. Our time is now. This Special edition includes with a bonus comic book/ manga chapter. Plus, a 25 pages sketch gallery.< Less
Living Metal Presents: Metallic Soul By Matthew Harrington
eBook (ePub): $2.25
In Metallic Soul, to see his brother’s dream come to reality, Core was willing set Mars on fire just to get a glimpse of the truth behind the Living Metal program. Knowing of the bitter past... More > between Nakita and the other two, Core set loose Nakita upon the world. Sara and Anna must play this deadly game to find the truth. But was it the truth they expected? One thing was certain, it was time to go home and find out. In addition a 27 page comic book of Living Metal set after the time line of the novel.< Less
Living Metal: Rebirth By Matthew Harrington
eBook (ePub): $4.00
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Born of flesh, baptized in steel, we are what lie beyond the next stages of human evolution. Set in the year 2275, one hundred years after a fail attempt for independents by the colonies... More > on Mars. Anna, a local cop on Mars has the unexplainable ability to control any type of known metals. With no memories of her own past, Anna unintentionally discovers that she is not alone when she comes face with who has the same abilities. After a hundred years of cryogenic slumber, Sara standing before Anna. She just like Anna realized that the keys to understanding their existence are locked inside each other's past. In order for them to survive and solve this riddle they must learn to trust each other. By accepting their fate both women are now running from the Earth’s government and the corporation with a great interest in their kind. But in their wake lies another like themselves and she is not willing to be friends. Her name is Nakita and her hatred for the two will set Mars on fire.< Less
Living Metal Phase-Two: Bullet Proof Heart By Matthew Harrington
eBook (ePub): $2.25
In Bulletproof Heart, Nakita another like Sara and Anna has awakened. She on the other hand was quite aware of who and what she was. Completely loyal to the company that created tem, Nakita align... More > with the head of security of CTC, (Cybergenetics Technology Corporation) named only as Core. His interest was to revive the Living Metal program that his brother started a hundred years ago. In search of Sara, Anna along with her new partner Johnny confirmed that Sara was indeed like her. But doing so, they are finding out there were more players in search and will do anything to stop her. Anna must push harder to find Sara before it was too late. In addition a 35 page comic book of Living Metal set within the same time line of the novel.< Less