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Domestic Violence Handbook for Abused Women By John Hildreth Atkins
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Are you tired of being afraid? Are you , or is someone you know, involved with a women beater? Have you ever wondered why you, or a person you know, male or female, always seem to pick the wrong... More > people to be with? This book is a game changer. Your life is yours to do with as you see fit; not your abusers! Granted, this book is short. I wrote it that way so that the actual book can be affordable for those who so desperately need it. And it really doesn't take 600 pages of boring rhetoric to teach you the things you should know about both your abuser and yourself. There are reasons why you are the perfect patsy. As I said, this book is a game changer; your life will forever change for the better. I know what it is like to be abused, to be scared all of the time. I've seen it a million times. And, in every instance, I was able to predict it. The next time someone tells you they did not see it coming, hand them a copy of this book. It's really not that complicated...once you know the rules they play by!< Less
Domestic Violence Handbook for Abused Women By John Hildreth Atkins
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This is the book that tells how to spot an abuser and how to avoid those kinds of things. This book also tells you why you are so easily fooled and what you need to change in order to stay away from... More > abusive people. Someday, this book will be required reading in all schools and will save lives. Who's life will it save next? Yours? If you are reading this, you need this book. Seriously. It is the best one you will ever any price.< Less
1863 Civil War Diary By John Hildreth Atkins, John A. Irving
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This is the up close and personal life of a man in the Union Army of the Civil war. This is particularly interesting because our hero talks about everything from the weather to picking up the dead.... More > Though I do not know what his mission was, this soldier even went on a clandestine operation for two months. Very insightful and educational...even for seasoned veterans.< Less
SHEER GENIUS: (Examining the Universe) By Jonathan G. Rundy
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Once again, Rundy has outdone himself. And he has taken us to new heights. This man was once listed as one of the smartest men in America...if not the world. The way that Rundy perceives the world... More > around us is nothing short of amazing. In this latest work, Rundy gives us answers to many questions which have eluded us. This collection of theories covers more than two dozen topics. Among these, why Astrology is real, the speed of light varies, the solar system used to have only five planets, how to spot abusive people/predators, how to reduce crime by more than 30%, making rehabilitation of criminals reality, exposing government corruption, improving the economy, how to get rich, and the impending civil war. If you want answers to life's mysteries, you need look no further than Sheer Genius. Then again, maybe you shouldn't read this. Some of it is pretty scary. Large print version. 14/16< Less