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Backpacker Europe By Daniel Hardie
eBook (ePub): $6.99
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This essential guide covers absolutely everything a Backpacker needs to know when backpacking Europe. Backpackers everywhere are feeling excited, anxious, confused and scared, not knowing what... More > needs to be done in order to backpack Europe. I know because I felt the exact same way! Now there is help for these adventurous souls... Backpacker Europe. This guide covers; Preparation, Visas, Getting To Europe, Travel Insurance, Packing Tips, Bank Accounts & Mobile Phones, Getting Around, Group Tours vs Independent Travel, Where To Stay, Working Overseas, Destinations Guide (Newly Added Bonus), Safety Advice, So if you are serious about backpacking Europe then you need this guide to make sure your trip is fun, safe and by the book. I've done it all before so I have personal experience plus as a former travel agent I can give you the insider tips to save you money. Backpacking Europe is a big decision so let's take the worry out of it together. Good luck & happy travels.< Less
7 Steps to Finding Work in the UK By Daniel Hardie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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If you’re planning to find work in the UK while you backpack and travel Europe then you have a lot to take in and the process can be quite a daunting task. While abroad in the UK or any other... More > destination you will be in new surroundings, with new people and in a totally new environment. I know because I’ve done it all before… Swamped with information overload online it is easy to get lost around the internet trying to find the answers of finding work and how to go about it. To make the process easier for you I've created the 7 Steps to Finding Work in the UK. This guide will put your mind at ease with key tips and essential information that you will need in order to find and land a job in the UK. All of the above will increase your chances and show you how to go about getting a job in the UK mixed with my own personal experiences working in London.< Less
Euro Destinations Guide By Daniel Hardie
eBook (ePub): $1.00
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The Euro Destinations Guide gives European Travellers like yourself an idea of where to go and what to do while travelling or backpacking Europe and is taken from the full detailed and practical... More > guide; Backpacker Europe – The essential guide for all backpackers. The Euro Destinations Included in this guide cover countries such as Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, among others. Imagine yourself sailing around the Greek Isles, spending the night in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania, learning the history of the Vikings or simply just exploring unfamiliar cities. Europe has so much on offer that it is a part of the world that needs to be discovered and now you can start here by reading up on places you can’t wait to discover.< Less
Travel 49 Natural Wonders By Daniel Hardie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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There is nothing quite like the healing benefits that travel and nature provides as well as helping to create that wonderful, energizing and healing sensation. From time to time we humans need to... More > leave the concrete jungles we work and live in to venture back to Mother Nature where we truly belong. Travel 49 Natural Wonders covers a whole range of the world’s best travel destinations to mix with nature starting with the commonly known 7 Natural Wonders of the world before delving deeper into 7 regions of the world and their best natural wonders. Not only will the guide give you 49 of the best natural wonders around the world it will also inspire you to find your own piece of Mother Nature that you can cherish and call you own. If you need a break from the bustling cities and concrete jungle then Travel 49 Natural Wonders is for you.< Less

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