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Patriarchal Marriage, Y’sra’el's right-ruling way of life, Methods and Practice PB By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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Paperback: How did the Y’sra’elites live? What form of marriage did they practice and how did they practice it? This book is about to show you what was God’s design from the... More > beginning and how the Y’sra’elites lived within God’s required parameters. Today these things appear mythological but here we show you the methods and ways of how this lifestyle was practiced and is being restored in these last days.< Less
African-Israel Prayer book with Passover Aggadah (ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
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ebook-Paperback (Large Font): Many times we wonder what prayers should we do when we go to bed, when we leave our home in the morning and how do we pray daily? What prayer should I do if I have a... More > ritual bath? What prayer is for affixing a Mezuzah? Each year you wonder how to do the Passover Aggadah and what is the procedure. This book also covers women’s niddah laws to give you understanding into women’s ritual purity. Unlike other prayer books Rabbi Simon explains small details that are important and often ignored. He gives you some power prayers to deal with your enemies and find favour with God. This contains everything you need to know for daily prayers and festivals, death, burials as an essential resource. Also the important midnight prayers and other halaka. The text has transliterated Hebrew for beginners. Also with the much sought after petition Tikkun Chatsot midnight prayer. This is one book you should not be without.< Less
Hidden-Truths Hebraic Scrolls Torah with Commentary Study Guide (ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
eBook (PDF): $19.99
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Digital Download 5th Edition Torah (Chumash): Often we have several questions who are the true Hebrews, where are tehy. On the narrative in Genesis what happened during the creation, why are there... More > two creation narratives Gen 1 and Gen 2? what caused Eve to eat the fruit, How did Adam participate when he was not even there? What enticed Cain to kill his brother? Where is the land of Nod? What caused God to test Abraham, who were the two servants of Abraham. What happened in Egypt, who was Balaam? Did you know that one text in Genesis was altered in reading by the scribes? Real Ancient Hebrew revealed. Many other questions answered in this text and study guide.< Less
Seferim Khanok The Books of Enoch (ebook) By Rabbi Simon Altaf
eBook (PDF): $14.99
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(ebook) The book of Enoch is an interesting read which explains to us what angels fell and what happened in the early missing history of Genesis. Get this to read what Enoch wrote about these events... More > and how corruption had entered our world and what God did to remove it.< Less