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TPR By Iain Dunford
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TPR explores a new system for giving Readings. It's two-books-in-one, written by David Moses and Iain Dunford for the mentalism community. There's not too much more we can tell you without giving... More > away the powerful content at the heart of this original approach to giving readings and reading minds. "Fucking Great" Michael Weber " I think it is one of the best books on readings that I have ever read!" Millard Longman "I love what you guys sent me and that's despite being kind of sick of new reading systems! " Bill Cushman< Less
Tarography By Iain Dunford
eBook (PDF): $23.43
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Using some simple modern technology, and my guidance - we will create unique, interesting and entirely personal tarot cards in a tactile and non-threatening way.
imaginary By Iain Dunford
Paperback: $31.81
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A collection of transcripts, notes, stories and ideas - taken from 1899 to 1953. Covering psychic manifestations, fakery, delusional stories and mediumistic confessions. This is told in a series of... More > short stories, with i hope inspire the creative juices. A hybrid between story telling, bizarrism and mentalism. Some stories are explicit in method - others are scripts. More are about giving you the IDEA to run with. You can read the first few pages in the preview to get an idea.< Less
Seven Stars By Iain Dunford
Hardcover: $58.89
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A mentalism device. A proper hardback f*rcing book. 300 pages. One pair of pages are used throughout. The first 20-30 pages are normal, and the last dozen or so are too. With ISBN too. Please click... More > on the preview to see the two f*rce pages. One begins with Mr. Corbeck and the other with interruption.< Less