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Tolu's Family By Tosin Coker
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Introducing Tolu, a tenacious toddler eager to share his world in his native tongue - Yoruba. The first in a series, Tolu's Family - a dual language book, introduces young readers to basic,... More > commonly used sentences written in both English and Yoruba. An excellent first book for those trying to get to grips with learning the language, such as children in the diaspora. Read aloud, this book serves as a wonderful aid for parents and teachers seeking to passively reinforce Yoruba speaking and listening skills. Each book also contains a list of high frequency words used to further assist learning.< Less
2013 Evolution By Tosin Coker
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Over a billion lives have been lost by way of the The Great Battle and the world is in mourning. The devastation of floods, landslides, power and communications outages, are felt planet wide, but the... More > danger is far from over. Zauba'ah's Surrender has created an inconsistency. In order for it to be corrected another must incarnate and uses Teeny's body to do so much to the dismay of Derrick and Maya. However what is really on her mind is vengeance and she is unwilling to kill any who get in her way. The story continues from The Mouth of Babes, Let Sleeping Gods Lie, and Heaven's War The Gods Awakened.< Less
The Mouth of Babes By Tosin Coker
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Destiny Kingsley, affectionately known as Teeny, falls into a sudden inexplicable coma, leaving her divorced parents to face their worst fears. Unbeknown to them, their daughter's loss of... More > consciousness has been induced by her late grandmother for the sake of delivering an important message; "Don't forget to BE". During Teeny's unprecedented hiatus, she learns of things that shatter her world whilst at the same time prepare her for a new one; She is the Crystal Child daughter of two Indigo parents with an imperative mission that must be accomplished at all costs.< Less
Heaven's War: The Gods Awakened By Tosin Coker
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Earth has been officially marked as Class 9, a battle zone of gods. The reptilians have abducted one of the rarest, most powerful supreme deities, who happens to be the beloved companion to the... More > warring goddess who came to pass judgement on the planet. As the impending battle for humanity looms, the heads of both Zauba'ah and Khamun's Enneads issue a galactic announcement: All visitors to the orb are advised to evacuate and stay away, lest they be caught in the cross fire. Meanwhile Elias' life hangs in the balance, a new time god is born and Zauba'ah struggles with her incarnation as Teeny, that is all too human for her liking. Can Earth and her inhabitants survive the battle that will determine the outcome of heaven's war Following 'The Mouth of Babes' and its sequel; 'Let Sleeping Gods Lie', 'Hevean's War: The Gods Awakened' is the gripping climax and final book in the sci-fi trilogy by the UK's first black female sci-fi author.< Less