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Bones of Empire By Brian J ORR
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The Fastii Ecclesiae Scoticanae has long been a source for information about `the sons of the manse`. Children of the Fasti dealt with their contributions to society from 1560-ca 1929, and Family... More > History research using the Fasti. Bones of Empire reviews their considerable contribution to Scotland, Britain and its former Empire They helped dig the foundations and delivered the infrastructure that made the system work, despite the politicians. Their legacy - democracy and constitutional government for the Commonwealth of Nations,fifty two of whom were former colonies.< Less
Bones of Empire By Brian J ORR
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Bones of Empire, looks at the contributions the ministers, sons, and daughters, of the manse made abroad. It was their bones that laced together the British Empire. As merchants the Scots were... More > prominent in Europe from the 13th and 14th centuries, and were coerced migrants and slaves to the West Indian and American colonies through religious persecution and wars in the 17th century. During the 18th and 19th C some were embroiled in the use of slaves on plantations and with dealing in slaves, yet the Church supported abolition. They and their like were the true founders of the British Empire - the `doers` who helped lay the foundations; delivered the infrastructure and made it work as administrators; doctors; engineers; explorers, lawyers and judges; merchants; missionaries; plantation workers, managers and owners; teachers; and inevitably the soldiers, sailors, and latterly airmen who served just about everywhere there was a British interest.< Less
Children of the Fasti By Brian J ORR
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The Fastii Ecclesiae Scoticanae records the succession of the ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland from the Reformation in 1560. It has long been a source for those seeking information... More > about `the sons of the manse`. But it also provides a wealth of information about the society in which they lived and their contribution to it over a period of some four hundred and fifty years. Through their descendants a wider picture emerges of the social issues of the day, of their role as local, national and international administrators, antiquarians, clerics, Doctors and surgeons, educators; engineers, lawyers, merchants, scientists and inventors and so forth. In this respect there are two dimensions - home and away, as they were the `doers` of their day building both a nation at home and contributing in large measure to the founding and maintenance of the British Empire.< Less
Testimony of the Covenant By Brian J ORR
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Today the knowledge of John Knox tends to be about him as a Reformer, rather than a man who feared God. Richard Cameron is seen as the opponent of tyranny, more so than a man of prayer. James Guthrie... More > and James Renwick were very public heroes and martyrs who were eminent sufferers and eminent Christians. It was their Christian encouragement that led to the people giving witness before man and a Heavenly Tribunal. But for their piety the Reformation in the purity found in Scotland, even though modified in its outcome, would not have succeeded.< Less