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Psychic Flames By RaeLynn Blue
eBook (ePub): $1.99
When an arsonist and murderer destroys a home he is trying to sell, real estate agent, Eagle Boyd wants answers. He hires Jayden Rosenthals' P.I. firm to find them. As the son of a Cherokee chief,... More > Eagle's turned his back to all things mythical and other. He likes concrete facts and tangible truths. Even though Jayden Rosenthal is a psychic, her powers couldn't prepare her for her new client, Eagle Boyd. A frustrating skeptic, Eagle embodies everything Jayden had fought her entire life to avoid. Still, she'd drawn to him. Jayden and Eagle must join together to find an arsonist and murderer. First, they have to discover the truth within each other.< Less
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Age Verification Required
Touch a Four Leaf Clover By RaeLynn Blue, Shara Azod
eBook (ePub): $4.99
RE-RELEASE It is never wise to piss off a goddess, especially a flame haired Irish goddess with a temper as hot as her tresses. That was something cousins Ciaran and Connor found out the hard way.... More > For one night of folly the cousins must walk the earth, deprived of the thing that caused their downfall – women. No contact with any member of the opposite sex until they find their perfect mate. A quest that seemed easy, but has proven to be impossible. Just when they think they will never find a woman for each of them to break the curse they so richly deserved, the Luck of the Irish smiles upon them. Both end up in the United States; one in Chicago and the other in San Diego. The two cousins get the shock of their lives when they met the women meant to be theirs. Not exactly what they had expected and far outside anything they’d ever dealt with when they were still human. Will they be able to keep these women for their own or just have a taste of ecstasy to tease them rest of their immortal lives.< Less