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A SEAL's Heart By Nikki Winter
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He was everything to her… And was clearly too blind to see it. The majority of Zuly’s life was filled with fantasies of belonging to Fitzgerald Carrigan forever. She didn’t bat a... More > lash the day he left to become a SEAL, confident in the fact that her love, her everything, would return and their lives together would start. Fifteen years later and she’s grasped that not every childhood fantasy goes the way you want it to. Her SEAL has closed himself off from the world, completely immersed in his role as a recluse. What he doesn’t seem to consider is that Zuly loves him enough to force him to face the real world again. Even if it means their relationship takes a turn for the worse…< Less
Vexed By Nikki Winter
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Rhys Yestin has spent his last year in an extremely uncomfortable state and it's all at the hands of a very angry, illogical, gorgeous, and incredibly talented witch. One that he hasn't been able to... More > find since their last night together. His fascination with Lorelei Monroe increased until it left them both satisfied and wanting more. At least until a misunderstanding winds up with Rhys cursed and Lorelei nowhere to be found. Now she's back in their hometown a year later on a day where his kind and hers thrive on the pulse of life that thrums through the streets of New Orleans. Can he convince her to lift the spell she cast in a moment of fury? Or will he find himself forever vexed?< Less
The Sweetest Thing By Nikki Winter
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Konstantine Vetrov is pretty sure he’s made it abundantly clear that he only has one woman in mind to carry his progeny and take his name. Or so he thought until he landed back in White Plains,... More > New York, six years after traveling abroad for his father’s company and finally realized that said woman is completely oblivious to his feelings. Harper Sweet is the end all, be all for him. The beginning and the end. The one. He’s not satisfied with their twenty-odd years of friendship staying firmly in the zone where he doesn’t get to touch and kiss and hold her. Which means what, exactly? That it’s time for him to show Harper the sweetest thing—what they could be if she’d just open her eyes.< Less