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Frozen, A Winter Romance Anthology By Tara Fox Hall et al.
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FROZEN, A WINTER ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY OF LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, AND FAMILY The Ice Hotel Wedding Test by Charmaine Pauls Love Thaws a Frozen Heart by Valerie J. Clarizio Lord of Ice Copyright by April... More > Marcom Frozen Moments by Nancy Pennick Frozen In Time by Christina Kirby Frozen With Possibilities by Rhonda Brutt Frozen Heart Thawing by Nicole Angeleen Frozen Dreams by Elena Kane Her Frozen Heart by Tara Fox Hall The Thawing of Holly’s Heart by Marilyn Gardiner Falling On Ice by Bess Kingsley< Less
From Florida With Love: Sunsets & Happy Endings By Sonja Gunter et al.
Paperback: $13.95
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Southwest Florida Romance Writers Anthology: Eleven authors, eleven stories of family, love, romance and fun.
Romancing the Lakes of Minnesota Summer By Rhonda Brutt et al.
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Thirteen stories about love and romance during the summer in Minnesota.This anthology includes the following stories: When It’s Real by Rhonda Brutt, Break a Leg by Kathleen Nordstrom, Hot... More > Summer Nights by Rose Marie Meuwissen, Lady Sylvia’s Spell by K. T. Alexander, Light Bender by Kristy Johnson, Loon Racing by Ingrid Anderson Sampo, Movie Magic by Rachael Passan, Putting Demons to Rest on Whitefish Bay by Ann Nardone, Summer Heat by Sonja Gunter, The Island by Jill Revak, The Last Tide by Christopher Edmund, The Letter by Linda Hamilton,The Talisman at Gull Lake by Sara Poulos< Less