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Breathless By C Michael Garcia, Melanie Phillips
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For Melanie, her world is just about perfect. She’s a famous talk show guest, and she seems on the surface to have the perfect love life. Underneath it all, Melanie hasn’t had a man... More > in her life for a long period of time because what no one knows (big secret) is that she...wait for it...snores! And this has kept men at bay forever! However, now Melanie’s life is about to take a twisty new turn as she meets the man of her dreams, and magically finds things moving along nicely, until he invites her to come and sleep over! Will she forever be doomed to never allowing relationships to go beyond a kiss? Find out in Breathless, the new dating comedy from C Michael Garcia, director of Chick Flick Alpha Male and Love By Prescription.< Less
Love By Prescription 3 By Melanie Phillips
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Honeymoon mayhem! Things are all going absolutely wonderfully and couldn't be more perfect for mayhem-attracting Melanie, but true love seldom goes smoothly and often hits many hiccups and hurdles... More > along the way. Melanie scarcely makes it down the aisle only to encounter the honeymoon from hell. And just when things get back on track, the relationship is shaken by a momentous misunderstanding. But that’s not the worst of it. Melanie is about to face the biggest challenge of all. Will she sink or swim? If Melanie can find a ‘happily ever after’, anyone can!< Less
Script to Screen By Melanie Phillips
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The Strongmen team are still at it. The movie is in its very last stages, but what a mission it has been. The layers of compositing, the re-editing, the audio clean-up, the sequential grading, and... More > the repetitive miniatures filming to ensure their believability on screen. It’s all taken its toll on Michael and Evonne, they’re looking tired but even more relieved that the film will soon be a completed piece that the world can see. A 90minute package of entertainment for kids and families - a brand of filmmaking that the world lost a long time ago. A return to the great movies of yesteryear. When film was 1000% innocuous, when it didn’t matter if you left your kids alone to be babysat by a film. Even Disney has somehow lost the core-brand-values of its positioning, in its attempt to “get with the times and be more current”. Go on an adventure with Melanie Phillips (Co-Producer of Strongmen) and discover how Hollywood really works and why only the brave stay standing in a mad industry!< Less
Love By Prescription A Michael Garcia Film By Melanie Phillips
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EXPERIENCE THE ANTIDOTE FOR THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP! What happens when there seems to be TWO LOVES OF OUR LIVES? Is there a prescription for deciphering between the confusing signals? Is there a... More > remedy for quick decision making? Is there a way to stop ourselves from falling into the trap of making the wrong decision and forever live with the consequences? What is it with us that we will refuse THE PARTNER OF OUR INNERMOST DESIRES and PICK THE ONE SAFEST AND MOST SECURE, when we know so well that TRUE LOVE will only come from making the RISKIEST DECISION OF OUR LIVES? A MICHAEL GARCIA FILM “Melanie provides the PRESCRIPTION that will make for a 100% PROOF DECISION MAKING SYSTEM women the world over have been waiting for.” - Coverage #6514 ACASHIC AND PINK PALOMINO PICTURES PRESENTS A MICHAEL GARCIA FILM DESIREE CROSSING JAMES PORTER IN LOVE BY PRESCRIPTION WITH TODD JENSEN HEAR THE SOUNDTRACK ENJOY THE GRAPHIC NOVEL DIRECTED BY MICHAEL GARCIA< Less