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The Ballet of Phantoms By Dana Carlile
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Solo Piano selection from the CD Ballet of Phantoms. Barcarolle No 4 in B Minor, Metolius Barcarolle No. 6 in G Minor, Richard on the Nile Chanson de la Mer in F Major, West from Gibraltar Melody No.... More > 4 in A Major, Salon Blue Mazurka No. 4 in F Minor, Conrad, the Life of Exile Mazurka No. 5 in C Sharp Minor, East of Eden Oblique No. 1 in C Minor, Cairo to Cheops Oblique No. 6 in E Minor, This Game of Ghosts Tango No. 1 in G Minor, The Witches Bacchanalia Waltz No. 3 in D Major, Lilt of Innocence Waltz No. 6 in F Minor, An Apparition of Chopin Waltz No. 9 in F Minor, Vienna, August 1914 Waltz No. 12 in D Dorian, Waltz of the Shenandoah Oblique No. 7 in C Minor, Vaudeville of the Ghosts Waltz No.13 in A Minor, Waltz of the Vampires Waltz No 19 in A Minor, The Seine in Paris< Less
Preludes for Silence and Darkness By Dana Carlile
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Edgon Heath Barcarolle No. 1 in A Major Barcarolle No. 5 in F Major, A Sea of Green in Tuscany Deja Vu Faure in E Minor Deja Vu Poulenc Part One in C Major Deja Vu Poulenc Part Two... More > in C Minor Deja Vu Satie Gnossienne in D Minor Lullaby No. 2 in E Major Melody No. 7 in C Major, A Paris Moon Melody No. 8 in G Major, An Occasional Interlude Pensive No. 1 in C Minor Oblique No. 4 in C Minor, The Gargoyle's Lullaby Oblique No. 5 in C Minor Siesta No. 3 in F Major Waltz No. 4 in C Minor, The Moon at Sea Waltz No. 10 in C Minor, Chopin in Paris< Less
Tango No. 1 Witches Bacchanalia for String Quartet By Dana Carlile
eBook (PDF): $4.00
Tango No. the Witches' Bacchanalia arranged for string quartet.
A Paris Moon for the Last Waltz By Dana Carlile
eBook (PDF): $10.00
Solo classical piano music from the CD A Paris Moon for the Last Waltz by Dana Carlile. Chanson de la Mer No. 3 in F Minor, Ostinato Chanson de la Mer No. 2 in C Major, Sea Levant Déjà... More > Vu Shostakovitch in C Minor Part One Déjà Vu Shostakovitch in C Major Part Two Lullaby No. 6 in F Minor, Insomnia Mazurka No. 1 in G Minor, Apparitions Mazurka No. 2 in G Minor, Shadows at Midnight Melody No. 2 in G Major, Cafe Luna Melody No. 7 in C Major, A Paris Moon Waltz No. 2 in A Minor, Fleur-de-lis Déjà Vu Vaughn Williams in D Dorian, Wessex Waltz No. 5 in E Minor, Algiers to Majorca Waltz No. 15 in G Minor, Valse de Poignance Waltz No. 20 in C Major, Artemesia Alone Waltz No. 19 in A Minor, The Seine in Paris Waltz No. 21 in F Minor, The Gargoyle’s Ballet Waltz No. 22 in A Minor, A Ballet of the Fairies Waltz No. 24 in E flat Major, The Last Waltz< Less

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