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Eyes on the Hill By K-Moses Nagbe
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EYES ON THE HILL affirms the truth that everyone in the world does have a cosmic roadmap designed only by God Almighty. Unless the individual reaches the specified destiny, nothing or no one can... More > derail the process. Read on, and you will be touched.< Less
Eyes on the Hill-2 By K-Moses Nagbe
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Rev. Dr. W. Nah Dixon was a Pentecostal cleric well-known for his work with the dumb and the deaf, and his collaboration with other churches and faiths to bring sanity to a nation that was embroiled... More > in a civil war for nearly 20 years. Now, K-Moses Nagbe, a writer who knew him very well, tells the life story of this Christian Gentleman of Liberia, West Africa.< Less
Nuggets of the African Novel By K-Moses Nagbe
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NUGGETS OF THE AFRICAN NOVEL[WITH NOTES ON THE LIBERIAN LITERARY HERITAGE] contains summaries of 33 African novels, many of which are used in Liberian and several other African schools. The book... More > also contains insightful discussion about the African novel and the Liberian literary heritage.< Less
April Fourteen [Paperback Book] By K-Moses Nagbe
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APRIL FOURTEEN discusses key issues related to April 14, 1979. The book attempts to answer several questions, including What do critics and supporters say about April 14, 1979? What drove April 14,... More > 1979? What impact has April 14, 1979 had on Liberia?< Less