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Erotic Short Stories vol.3- Gay stories By lope john
eBook (ePub): $8.99
He had a book on the sofa next to him. As I picked up the mug he moved the book onto his knees and I sat down on the sofa beside him. After taking a deep mouthful of hot coffee, I turned to him... More > "I feel much better now, what are you reading?." "I'm a photographer and these are just a few of my photos". He moved the album towards me, and I turned my eyes to them. The pages were full of very good studio photographs of naked men and women. My eyes were glued more to the men with their dangling cocks, but I didn't miss the nice breasts and hairy mounds of the women. Some of the men had erect cocks and I could feel myself hardening again. As I got to the last page I found an envelope and opened it before he could stop me. I took the 3 photos out and stared.< Less
Emma -Lesbian stories By lope john
eBook (ePub): $4.00
The third naked person is Emma. She is not having sex, has not had sex today and has no intention of doing so. In fact Emma has only once in her life had sex and she enjoyed it so little she hasn't... More > done so since. However, Emma is a Strict Naturist, as well as a Strict Vegetarian and a Strict Tee?Totaller. She works as a Research Assistant for Arouse Yourself which involves finding guests for the program, assessing the amount of sexual activity they are willing to undertake (which varies by choice and fee ? the more sex the bigger the fee) and drawing up a schedule of questions and chat?up lines for the presenters. 
The reason she works on Harlot TV is not because she is a great supporter of pornographic television. Indeed, she finds the theme of sex rather monotonous with its limited range of permutations constantly paraded on the screen. The reason is that there are not very many employers< Less
Erotic Short Stories vol.1 By lope john
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Trudy had always considered that part of her anatomy to be private and had never let any of her lovers touch her there. She was somehow embarrassed when even she touched her herself. It was kind of... More > naughty to finger her bottom but whenever she did it was the most exciting thing ever. Now, here she was, bent over, helplessly exposing her bottom to her lover. Wilson's hands had finally touched her. Starting at her ankles and trailing up the backs of her calves to her knees and then up along the insides of her thighs to her blond bush now wet with her own juices. Trudy shivered with delight as she remembered how Mr. Wilson's fingers slid down from the small of her back through the valley between her buttocks. Trudy gasped as his fingers had crossed the sensitive opening of her anus. Trudy still wasn't sure if she was disappointed or thankful that he hadn't lingered there. The sex that night, with Mr. Wilson taking her while she was still bent over the chair, was the best ever.< Less

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