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Living and Nursing in America: The Way It Is and Was By Dawn Griffis
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This book charts my experiences of both the medical and social aspects of living and nursing in America. After training in England as an RN I continued my career in the States. This was 1965 just... More > before Medicare was enacted. For the next 43 years I worked and lived in 9 different states, in a wide variety of medical facilities including an Indian reservation, Airforce and VA hospitals. My experiences will shock and horrify you as I reveal a mountain of medical incompetence and misdemeanors. Sadly, much of this was generated by greed. You will read how different states demonstrated different levels of care. There are both heart-warming and humorous stories. It additionally describes what adjustments a young married English woman with two infant daughters had to make, dealing with temperatures of 115 deg, black widow spiders, cotton mouth snakes and tornados that was just in Oklahoma!< Less
Aynhoe Village Life: The Way it Was, Then, Before And Beyond By Dawn Griffis
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Aynhoe Village Life, The Way it Was- Then-Before & Beyond is a social story of village life in a Northamtonshire village. The book covers the background history of the villagers, with stories... More > from family, locals, & herself. Then; is 1940-1948, the war years,& later as seen through the eyes of a child. Before; 1880-1940 has many humerous village stories. Beyond; covers 1949-1956 with a heartbreaking move to Oxford, & many visits back to Aynhoe. While living in Oxford, the author & her siblings had the unique experience of being part of a rehab hosp. for the war headinjured. These men were their playmates & partners in all manners of fun. This is the first of three books. The others cover nursing at the Horton Hospital in Banbury, when care to the local people really mattered. The last, about life and nursing in America from 1965, until 2005 when the author returned to her homeland & later in December 2008 returned to the US. At the time when the country was finally trying to get Universal Health care.< Less
Nursing at the Horton: The Way it Was-When Care to the Local People Really Mattered By Dawn Griffis
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Nursing at the Horton' - 1956 to 1962; when hospitals were run by nurses. Matron was all powerful, demanding considerable respect from all. We were taught patients came first, second and last,... More > everything else had to fit in between. The relationship between them, and the local people was; 'They are our patients, and we were their nurses'. During this time student nurses were responsible for cleanliness in the hospital. We knew that if a patient developed a hospital born infection - heads would roll! Our heads remained safe. Antibiotics had just become available, in limited supply. The nurses worked long hard hours - 60 to 72 hours a week; but played hard too. Some parts are very sad, others happy or funny. If you have ever been a patient or nurse in a hospital, especially the Horton, you will recognise the love that was generated. The book is a sequel to 'Aynhoe Village Life. The Way it Was', but can be read as a stand alone.< Less
A photo book of Aynho(e) Village through the years from late 1800s to present By Dawn Griffis
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This is a photo walk through the village of Aynho, with pictures dating back to late 1800s to 2012.

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