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Oswald, Conspirators and JFK By Sam Dennis McDonough
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Reason for Reading: This is not just another book about Kennedy's assassination. It is a complete fact-filled book about Oswald, his time in Russia, and conspiracy theories. Synopsis: There were... More > conflicting reports about the number of shots and from the direction they came. Soon a policeman would be shot and killed and Oswald would be arrested for both murders. Two days later Jack Ruby would kill Oswald. Why I wrote this book: My passion is to search for the truth in real crimes. Did Oswald kill President Kennedy? Why would he do it? Did he have accomplices? Was he part of a conspiracy? Why did Jack Ruby kill Lee Oswald? Why you should read this book: This easy to read book has answers to the above questions, backed by credible evidence. Why you may avoid this book: There is an unconscious desire by many to find greater meaning in the death of President Kennedy than is possible based upon the historical case. So for them, there will always be a conspiracy. It just has to be, no matter what.< Less
Oswald, Conspirators, John F. Kennedy By Sam Dennis McDonough
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This is a book that discusses the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Steven Truscott and the Murder of 12-Year Old Lynne Harper By Sam Dennis McDonough
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On a cold September day in 1959 a 14 year old Canadian schoolboy, in just his first encounter with the police and in a crime of passion, was sentenced by a jury to hang. It is sad when any young... More > boy is punished more harshly than should be for his crime. Fortunately, common sense prevailed and after three months the penalty was reduced to a life sentence. Six years later a journalist would write about this boy who, sentenced to hang until dead, had always claimed he was innocent.< Less
120 CLUES That Show WHO KILLED JONBENET By Sam Dennis McDonough
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The 120 clues include 56 clues that show an intruder did not kill JonBenet and 40 clues that show who wrote the ransom letter. It details the killing and its cover-up. The book concludes by naming... More > the killer.< Less