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El Ingenio ó Juego de Marro, de Punta ó Damas de Antonio de Torquemada (1547) By Govert Westerveld
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According to data available at this time the first draughts book written in Valencia in 1547 was titled El Ingenio o juego de marro, de punta o Damas. This is indicated by Nicolao Antonio,... More > Bibliotheca Hispana Vetus, 1696 Volume I, page 165. I am able to write about this draughts book, because I came to possession of a copy of this book. The cost was rather high, but it was worthwhile to fly to Amsterdam in 1988 to obtain this copy, of which the original is now in unknown hands in Madrid. The positions of the diagrams, letters, and language that I could reproduce here are nearly identical to the original book, thus diagrams with almost the same nice decoration and with almost the same old Spanish letters and the same language of the XV century. Furthermore I reproduced the same positions of the diagrams, thus using the white squares for the pawns and having the long diagonal on the right hand. The drawing of the pawns and Dama are exactly the same as appearing in the original book.< Less
The Training of Isabella I of Castile as the Virgin Mary by Churchman Martin de Cordoba in 1468 By Govert Westerveld
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Today most chess historians agree that the weak chess queen, named “dame” in France as from the XIV century, changed to a powerful chess queen in Spain in 1475. Around this year we also... More > see a change of the weak bishop to a strong bishop, according to the chess poem Scachs d’amor. In order to strengthen our hypothesis of Isabella I of Castile (Isabel la Católica) we have written a book about the new bishop and a book about Scachs d’amor in English. Concentrating now on Virgin Mary in relationship with Isabella I of Castile we observe that the Augustinian monastic Martin de Córdoba wrote in 1468 the work El Jardin de las donzellas. It was directed to Princess Isabel I of Castile with the intention to contribute to her education as future Queen. Cordoba was the first writer who draws equivalencies between Isabella I of Castile and Virgin Mary, which became one of her standard portrayals. Shorty thereafter we see the appearance of a new powerful chess queen.< Less
Baba Sy, the World Champion of 1963-1964 of 10x10 Draughts - Volume I By Govert Westerveld
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This book should be considered a historical book, as it is the draughts’ career of Baba Sy, a prominent Senegalese player. He was able to be the best in the world without reading any books. He... More > had a natural talent and was a self-made man thanks to the game of checkers. I have witnessed the achievements of the great Baba Sy and I have been in the early stage of the great players like Harm Wiersma and Ton Sijbrands, on which I predicted in 1964 that they would be a future world champions. So I know the mentality that one must have to succeed in this mind sport. My 40 year stay in Spain and my research on the Moors permits me to know more about the Islamic custom. And so I am now in a much better position than 40 years ago to comment properly on the life of Baba Sy.< Less
Nuestro ídolo en Holanda: El senegalés Baba Sy, campeón mundial del juego de las damas (1963-1964). By Govert Westerveld
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He sido testigo de las hazañas del gran Baba Sy y he estado en los comienzos de grandes jugadores como Harm Wiersma y Ton Sijbrands, sobre los cuales predije en 1964 que serían unos... More > futuros campeones mundiales. El juego de las damas ha demostrado más de una vez ser la solución para escapar de la pobreza. Una de las ventajas del juego de las damas es que brinda contactos con personas de distintos niveles sociales. Además, abre muchas puertas a los buenos jugadores y les permite encontrar ayuda inesperada. Tanto las damas como el ajedrez ayudan a desarrollar confianza en nuestras propias habilidades. Las estrategias que aprendemos en el juego de las damas pueden ser aplicadas a los negocios para asegurar el éxito. Espero que el lector disfrute leyendo el relato de Baba Sy como he disfrutado yo al escribirlo. Para mí representa una emoción muy profunda sumergirme de cabeza en el mundo de este gran jugador y dejarme invadir por esa pasmosa capacidad de asombro estimulada por el juego de las damas.< Less