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The Morrow Family of Newgate Street, 1941. By Molly Cutpurse
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When the third year of war begins, Maud and her family are homeless and misplaced. Only Bert, an old friend of her dead husband has the ability to help them. Gradually Maud and her daughter begin to... More > rebuild their lives taking on responsibility after responsibility as the deprivations of war continue to affect them. Although Maud continues to find great comfort in the love Richard has for her, the effects of the war changes the personalities of those she knows. And with that comes bitterness and frustration as everyone realises that this is a war than is not going to end any time soon. There are more deaths of loved ones, an unknown brother arrives, two jail sentences, Maud’s love for orphan Freddy is tested, in her circle of friends more babies are born and eventually, her love for William, her only son, is tested as the army turns him into a fighting man. A man he was not destined to be.< Less
The Morrow Family of Newgate Street, 1940 By Molly Cutpurse
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As the second full year of the European war dawns for the Morrow family of Newgate Street, the pressure falls upon Maud to keep her growing family safe. Particularly as she has become a grandmother... More > and has another new young person to care for. Changes in society are swift and not at all easy to accommodate as everything on the home front affects the family to a personal and greater degree. Yet she is surrounded by close friends who make life worth living. Richard, once the love of her life, young people who test her patience, Bert, their family friend and pervader of black market goods and even his niece… By the year’s end, when the destruction of London begins, it will never be the same…and neither will the Morrow amily of Newgate Street.< Less
Alien Queens 4 By Molly Cutpurse
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Alien Queens 4 poses yet another problem for Stewart, Frankie, Anne B and Velvet’s narrator, Miss (now Mrs) Molly Flaguline. For the escapade in which they find themselves, perplexes even the... More > mature understanding of their original eighteenth century lady-of-the-night turned archivist. As if the notion of time travel wasn’t difficult enough for Molly to comprehend, her knotty problem is how to document what happened when Velvet decides she wants to rescue her long lost sister, Vibeta from a thousand years ago. Alternate universes, doppelgängers, multiple timelines and worst of all, Qartin; an earth-like parallel world where royal cannibalistic humans pray to the half-blind goddess, Vampas are only a few instances that poor Molly has to chronicle in the correct order. Alien Queens 4 contains distasteful confusion, abhorrent blood sacrifices, Stewart and Frankie’s diminishing love for each other and an insane deranged princess.< Less