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The Soul In The Machine By Molly Cutpurse
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The future: The ability to map the human cortex neurone by neurone has been perfected by way of scanning. While people live, it is now possible to place a copy of a person's personality into data... More > storage. A Similarity. The main reason is so the bereaved can communicate with them after death. Geolog is a world leader in this technology. For two middle-aged sisters, Mia and Emma, living on an isolated farm on the periphery of Hastings, this technology divides them. When Mia’s husband is murdered in Hong Kong and she uses his Similarity online, a family secret is revealed forcing them to ask some profound questions about life and the continuance of the human soul. And all the time, Geolog, the technology giant, is monitoring them.< Less
The House In Carter Lane By Molly Cutpurse
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A four part novel set in Clifton Buildings, Carter Lane near St Paul's cathedral. The landlord is a miserly and deliberately cruel money lender called, Mr Scrooge. Mr and Mrs Percy Radcliffe are an... More > impoverished, newly married couple struggling to run a funeral business in 1843. Their descendants run the same business in 1892, and during the December blitz of 1940 as well. And finally there are eight people living their solitary lives in 2009 in converted flats. On their Christmas days, over the centuries, what have these people in common? Is their good fortune because they happen to live in the same house, or is there a more spiritual and indefinable reason? Have their Christmas experiences anything to do with what happened to the old money lender one Christmas morning all those years ago?< Less
Peter and April—A Miriam Story By Molly Cutpurse
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When Peter met April in the summer of 1946, his family speculated it was a match made in heaven. Therefore, when the couple married in 1953, Miriam Barker hoped that her son would keep their large... More > family together in Stratford. But the circumstances and excitement of the mid Nineteen Fifties overran the significance of his pedigree and, to his mother’s dismay, Peter, a newly qualified policeman, bought a flat in Barkingside, historically part of Essex. Here they would meet a variety of characters quite different from the ones they had known during their time in East London. Close friends, private confrontations, a death or two, secrets and pregnancy; these became subjects that were part of any newly married couple setting up in a new home. But seventeen years later, April’s very existence is threatened… Peter and April is the ninth book in the successful series about the life of the Miriam Barker family, mainly concentrating on Miriam herself.< Less
The Angel, the Coward and the Parasite-A Faerie Tale? By Molly Cutpurse
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A Faerie Tale for adults. Risteard Pheoden is a young man of limited wisdom who lives in the port city of King's Scallion on the coastline of the Vihq Ocean, which lays within the Trallaedel... More > Kingdom. His life is uneventful until he meets, Dane Haddix, a transvestite and sexual predator who shows him that, ‘there is no cure for pleasure’. Through Dane though, Risteard meets and marries the spirited and vivacious sorceress and psychic, Miss Siùsaidh Molde who is truly to change the rest of his life. Yet Risteard cannot rise above his past, and when Lort, an older, passive and sadomasochistic man insinuates himself into their everyday lives, nothing will ever be the same again.< Less