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Miriam’s Last Year By Molly Cutpurse
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Miriam is now eighty-seven and after Roy’s death, still lives in the large vicarage in Wanstead with Rafa alongside Rafa, Florence and her twin girls, Faith and Betty. It is now a time of... More > reflection, the promise of a great, great grandchild, and long conversations about the events and conditions that shaped her life. Yet even as her body moves inexorably into extreme old age, events continue around her that proves that even wheelchair bound, her clear and sound mind, alongside her remarkable memory, can still dispense positive advice and be more than useful to those who are charged with caring for her. Miriam’s Last Year also sees Rafa Barker in her twilight years when she too has become alone once more, abandoned by her one and only daughter over a shameful event from which she cannot face. A time when, surrounded by her close family and friend, she too takes a reflective sad look back on a lifetime of service and love as she cares for Miriam during her final days.< Less
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Alien Queens 1 By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $10.08
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Lord Glayva is a vicious and unforgiving aristocratic who has the means of travelling across the centuries. After betraying him once too many times, his sulky and vindictive lady assistant, Velvet,... More > assisted by the plucky and occasionally funny, Anne Boleyn and her apoplectic mother, Elizabeth the First become friends with two men from modern day London. It’s a recipe for the most ludicrous of wacky adventures as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the psychopathic Lord. Alien Queens is a fantastic time-travel comedy that takes ‘The Grandfather Paradox’, and mocks it relentlessly before wringing its neck and throwing its dead body on a heap!< Less
Alien Queens 3 By Molly Cutpurse
Paperback: $11.42
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Four years on from crazily jumping about the centuries after putting right half a dozen wrongs is a long time. Long enough for the seasoned time-travelling duo, Stewart and Frankie to marry and... More > become respectable... Until a sharp lady journalist threatens them with exposure because of a tiny, tiny error that the jocular Frankie once made near the Tower of London. Intimidated and coerced into submission if they do not comply to her one abnormal request, with the help of their friends Anne Boleyn and the beautiful alien, Velvet, Stewart and Frankie begin another wild and surreal adventure moving through time and other realities. Naturally, Molly Flaguline, their narrator is on hand to tell you of their travels, and also to explain how her penmanship has improved and why Frankie and Stewart are not the same gay ridiculing couple as they used to be.< Less