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Misplaced By Molly Cutpurse
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On a warm and late summer evening in 2015, after her boyfriend dumps her, Essex girl, Donna Rigg drunkenly smashes her car into a pillar box. She is taken to hospital where she is diagnosed with... More > concussion. Over the next few weeks, her perception changes, for she begins to see the world as it was fifty-five years previously in 1960. On a follow-up visit for an MRI, she becomes frightened and argues with staff. Becoming aggressive and overhearing she could be sectioned, she runs from the hospital and vanishes in the grounds as 1960 actually becomes her reality... Misplaced was written (optimistically) as literary fiction and as a first person narration. It is focused more on theme than on plot. As Donna describes her adventure, it certainly risks losing its way with no simplistic logical ending.< Less
Holloway, House of Correction By Molly Cutpurse
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Holloway, House of Correction is an alternative fantasy and documents the unlikely friendship between two women; Victoria, wealthy, beautiful and recently married, and the impoverished Margaret, the... More > only surviving daughter of Victorian England's most prolific serial murderer, Mary Ann Cotton. Both live close to the old Holloway Gaol when it became a women’s only prison in the spring of 1902.< Less
Miriam's War By Molly Cutpurse
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Mrs Miriam Baxter, an ordinary London housewife apart from being an ex convict, is devoted entirely to her family, which consists of her two children, parents and three sisters. She would call... More > herself unremarkable. However, it was her determination and courage which took her and her family through the Second World War. In Miriam's War, there are no hints of heightened suspense, no clues as to where her story could veer to; it just is.< Less
Miriam’s Family Blitz By Molly Cutpurse
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On the 7 September 1940, the London Blitz began in ernest. This was when the Nazi Luftwaffe machine switched from daylight raids on military targets to heavy bomber raids at night focusing on large... More > cities. Miriam’s Family Blitz, already broadly conceived in, Miriam’s War by the same author, places her family’s first fifteen days of the London Blitz under a magnifying glass. A period in which the mundane lives of her close family and friends in the East End found themselves experiencing front-line warfare for the first time, undergoing the inconvenient blackout, general restrictions and rationing. From the family’s once relatively quiet life, and with Miriam, released from Holloway prison only one year previously, the intense and very real fear of invasion, gassing, destruction and death occupies almost their every thought.< Less