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Alien Queens 4 By Molly Cutpurse
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Alien Queens 4 poses yet another problem for Stewart, Frankie, Anne B and Velvet’s narrator, Miss (now Mrs) Molly Flaguline. For the escapade in which they find themselves, perplexes even the... More > mature understanding of their original eighteenth century lady-of-the-night turned archivist. As if the notion of time travel wasn’t difficult enough for Molly to comprehend, her knotty problem is how to document what happened when Velvet decides she wants to rescue her long lost sister, Vibeta from a thousand years ago. Alternate universes, doppelgängers, multiple timelines and worst of all, Qartin; an earth-like parallel world where royal cannibalistic humans pray to the half-blind goddess, Vampas are only a few instances that poor Molly has to chronicle in the correct order. Alien Queens 4 contains distasteful confusion, abhorrent blood sacrifices, Stewart and Frankie’s diminishing love for each other and an insane deranged princess.< Less
The Chemist's Son By Molly Cutpurse
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London 1963 A physiologically disturbing account of an imaginary or real event. Mr William Mills is a widower and pharmacist whose shop is near St Paul's Cathedral. When his twin children, John and... More > Jane discover an abandoned Roman ruin under the shop’s cellar, it leads them to series of disturbing events. Nonetheless, many years later, when John writes about their experience, is he writing the truth or hiding something malevolent?< Less
The Morrow Family of Newgate Street, 1939 By Molly Cutpurse
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The last year of a lower class London family and friends living and working in Newgate Street before war engulfs them. There are funerals, affairs, deception, violence, and even a murder. And to... More > those familiar with the Miriam series, there is a surprising visitor. A novel with domineering mothers, obsessions with famous trials and hangings and frustration that the little corporal from Germany was going to take over their lives. Yet amongst the anger and heartache of their everyday existence, many of their frustrations arrive from realising that they are subject to an unknowable future…< Less
TheAtwall Twins By Molly Cutpurse
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It is during the last and late days of December 1941 when the lonely but wealthy Miss Ada Atwall begins to receive telephone calls from a young and disabled woman called Sarah Atwall who claims to be... More > speaking from the future. Fascinated by occultism and astrology since a family tragedy devastated her family thirty years previously, Ada uses Sarah’s knowledge to advance her own popularity. Enter Mr Emerson Farthingale, a profoundly immoral son of a bishop who is determined to uncover the truth.< Less