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I dreamed of being special then awoke to be unique. By Brian Spellman
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Cartoons matched with clever aphorisms. Pessimistic philosophy seeks smart, educated people who like sardonic humor with their truth. This book would stump the TV sitcom multitudes. Intended for... More > those bored with bland mainstream perspective and culture. Edgy. (145 pages)< Less
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Psych Ward Cyrano By Brian Spellman
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Dry and wry, book reveals skepticism, pessimism, occasional cynicism, and some lightheartedness for those like me and those not like me. Puns, paraprosdokians and literal reconstructions of metaphors... More > and clichés give book a refreshed perspective to language and pictures. Self stylized manipulative photography done with a timer and within my small bachelor apartment (114 pages).< Less
Table Scraps from the Asylum By Brian Spellman
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Shaped experimental poetry. Subject matter culled from numerous psych ward stays by an author dissatisfied with expected values and behaviors within his society. (100 pages)