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Gout Remedy Treatment: Discover How You Can Stop Gout Pain for Good By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.97
Here is a gout book that will give you remedy treatments to get rid of your gout. You will have all the necessary diet information and natural remedies you need to stop the gout pain in your toes or... More > where ever it occurs. This books is a comprehensive acid pain book, because not only will you eliminate the excess uric acid but also other body acids that come from eating acid foods or from acids created from your body’s normal function. What is Gout When you have gout, diet contributes to some of it, but it is created mostly from other body conditions. You will discover that gout is not just a symptom of eating the wrong food, it’s imbalance of your body acids and other lifestyle practices. Here is your change to change the direction of your health. Gout is just a warning that something serious is developing in your body that will compromise your health. Do let gout take you down. Click that buy button to get started in your quest for better natural health.< Less
Calcium for Bones and Phosphorus for The Brain: Mineral Deficiencies That Create Disease By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $7.97
If you lack calcium, you will have too much phosphorus and the nutritional symptoms that go with it are, Bone deformity or rickets Muscle and leg cramps Insomnia Growth retardation Decrease bone... More > density Accelerated aging Unwanted diseases If you lack Phosphorus, you will have too much calcium and here’s what could happen. Low tissue oxygenation Constant faintness Lack of appetite or extreme hunger Weak sexual system Nerve pain Difficulty reasoning with headaches A weak nervous system A Mental states going from apprehension to laughter Mood changes from happiness to sadness Increased Emotional needs: love, affection, acceptance Calcium and phosphorus are closely related and when one goes up the other goes down. It is critical to eat both foods that are plentiful in these minerals. Order your Calcium-Phosphorus book now and start eliminating disease.< Less
Diarrhea Natural Remedies By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are You Fed up With Your Diarrhea? If you have diarrhea, it’s easy to get fed up with it. It’s a real bothersome and discomforting condition. Sometimes you can’t continue with... More > your daily routine. You have to miss work or school. Do you like having to run to the bathroom every hour? What To Expect From This Book There is not a lot of fluffy in this short book. You will quickly get the information you need to stop your diarrhea. Discover the diet you need to use, the foods that stop diarrhea, the many of supplement that you need, and the special herbals that will work with you to stop diarrhea. Click The Right Button Click now to get your diarrhea book. Start using some of the remedies you should have in your home or the nearest grocery story. Don’t let diarrhea get a hold of you for a whole week.< Less
Enlightening Food Digestion Revealed: Discover How Your Food is Digested, Absorbed and Metabolized By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $6.98
This Lulu e-book contains some of the best ideas and information on how your body processes food and what it does with it. In it you will discover the workings and disorders of your gastrointestinal... More > tract. The Human digestive system is full of secrets that scientists and researchers are constantly looking for. Many of these secrets are yet to be found. If you ever wanted to know some of those secrets on how your gastrointestinal system works, now is the time. In this e-book, I give you the secrets that nutritionists know about food digestion in the mouth, stomach and small intestine. I give you the details that I use to explain to my clients about the function of their digestion system. How the mouth works to start your digestion of food is provided in detail, so that you can get a firm understanding on how your mouth starts the digestive process. Just click on the buy button now and discover how you can help your digestive system work better to give you top health.< Less

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