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Global Nonkilling Working Papers #7: Political Art and Craft By Clayton K. Edwards
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Nonkilling Global Political Science refers in philosophy to knowledge of which when deprived the mind ceases to act and violence and killing take place - the negative of a failure of humans to act to... More > protect themselves from violation and killing by humans. The failure to remember what we know lends image to darkness or void or yawning gap across which the synapses of mind seem ineffectual in process in biochemical and physical domain. We are then in the ignorance - rhetoric of chaos that does not explain the nature of its applications and thus irrational and without art or science implied by having and possessing knowledge. Human-on-human killing ineffectually imitates politics where temperance and courage fail to function together in wisdom. NKGPS seeks to build fail safe political mechanisms that artisan, husband and guard the global human state or community by remembrance of nature in reducing and eliminating human-on-human killing.< Less