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Everette Hartsoe's RAZOR CONCEPT ART book-softcover By Everette Hartsoe
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Nearly 25 years since her creation in 1991, RAZOR has continued to grow in the independent comic book world and plans to take the Femme reaper to the silver screen with legendary producer of THE... More > CROW, Jeff Most action director of The Fast and The Furious,xXx, Rob Cohen. This is a conceptual book filled with drawings, sketches and other tid bits used as creator,Everette Hartsoe goes through the process of producing a new graphic novel for an all new generation.< Less
Everette Hartsoe's Razor Compendium V1. (Hardcover) By Everette Hartsoe
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At 9 years old, Nicole Mitchell witness her father, FBI Frank Mitchell's brutal murder and her younger sister, Jacklyn abducted. She spent her teenage years in an institute where she suffered even... More > more abuse at the hands of those who where there to help her. Now 15 years later a different psyche has taken control of her, to seek revenge, to deliver pain, to bring those that destroyed her innocence to a final resting place. Nicole has become the dark angel of vengeance, known only as RAZOR..the very instrument used to slay her father. Those that cross the wrong side of her blade, rarely live to tell about it. She is a young woman with a death wish, taking a journey to find her broken soul and God have mercy on those that stand in her way.< Less
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After the events that took place in the Razor: Burn graphic novel, Nicole Mitchell has now crossed into the realm of purgatory, the living dead have opened the gates of Hell and entered our reality... More > to take over mankind, once and for all. Razor will find her soul in a tortured state and will need to call upon forces of great power to stop the army of demons from taking over the city and help her regain her soul once again. Razor: Torture features a cast of Everette Hartsoe’s characters woven together to unleash this action-packed horror tale that span through the darkest corners of Hell.< Less
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This sci-fi action graphic novel from Everette Hartsoe, the creator of the best selling comic series, RAZOR, tells the futuristic violent tale of Tommi Gunn. A partial cybernetic bounty hunter... More > searching for a disc that holds secret information that could bring mankind to their knees.Art by Georges ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Jeanty< Less