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A compelling framework that cuts through all the business practices to drive leadership skills, optimize business performance and build teams for today’s global business environment. The Black... More > Ops Business Edge is a crucial staple in today’s cutthroat business environment for any successful organization. Cantor draws on his extraordinary experience as a mercenary operator having selected, trained and led teams to execute mission’s against overwhelming odds to apply the principles of warfare to the challenges of business and everyday life. He provides valuable and unconventional insight and a refreshing “real world” perspective to the conventional and sometimes uncertain jungle of the corporate world by employing the principles of Dynamic Execution. A learnable repeatable businesses process that is a living breathing continuous improvement model for any business. Cantor leads the pack with a maximum impact equation for exponentially increasing performance and global business success.< Less
The Street Survival Tool Kit By Dr. Jeffrey Cantor
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Jeff Cantor’s credentials in the world of International security are as good as it gets: mercenary operator and tactical team leader in the world’s hot spots, tactical instructor to... More > military and law enforcement units around the globe, consultant to international corporations amongst decades of real world experience. The Street Survival Tool Kit takes seven “tools” Cantor identifies as “critical” and turns them into your Hostile Environment Contact Weapons to add to your Street Survival Toolbox. As a pocket guide for seasoned executives to those that work from home to anyone that wants to be better prepared for a crisis, this information can be life saving. From identifying and assessing threats to understanding the enemy mindset to street savvy methods of recognizing trouble before it happens, Cantor offers an insightful approach for the reader to implement these tools to enhance their safety and personal security anywhere.< Less
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Developed for Executives and Professionals to help them meet the rigorous demands in the fast paced business world, Executive Black Ops Fitness delivers a clear picture of “fitness... More > execution”. An extraordinary level of Fitness and overall health are essential attributes in this elite community. To exercise effectively for these physically and mentally demanding jobs, a combination of muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility is essential. Armed with a lifetime of experience and real world knowledge as a doctor, fitness and strength coach, tactical instructor and mercenary operator, elite trainer Dr. Cantor has been at the front lines of preparing soldiers and law enforcement personnel for decades. Now for executives and professionals, he shares the secret to his amazingly effective regimen--simple strategies that require nothing more than the resistance of your own body weight to help you reach the pinnacle of fitness and perform as a leader.< Less
The 9 Tenets of Fearless Performance By Dr. Jeffrey Cantor
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If you have ever dreamed of living an extraordinary life, The 9 Tenets of Fearless Performance will show you how to clearly achieve the level of performance in your personal and business life that... More > you desire and deserve. From the classroom to the boardroom to the jungles of Southeast Asia, Dr. Cantor employs his own hard lessons learned system of fearless performance and shows you how to employ all your resources so that you can design your life the way you want to live it. From fearless purpose to clearly identified goals to mastering your mind, Dr. Cantor teaches you how to master your destiny and be a “force multiplier”. With the 9 Tenets of Fearless Performance, he reveals to reader’s a comprehensive and unmistakable methodology that helps you achieve fearless performance.< Less