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Homeward Bound By Bridgitte Lesley
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Ending up on her own, Jasmine decided to go ahead with the plan to build her new home. With her mobile home hitched she made her way up the mountain. Surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and the... More > mountain it was her time to heal and start again. Bert lived a quiet and peaceful life on his mountain. With his office based in town he travelled up and down. The day he saw the mobile home parked on the vacant land curiosity got the better of him. After meeting Jasmine his quiet life changed. With her knowledge of business she seemed to open his eyes to a more meaningful life. One where he would excel! Not only did his businesses thrive but so did he!< Less
Family Matters By Bridgitte Lesley
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Ray couldn’t wait for his new housekeeper to arrive. But when she did, it was a whole different matter! Meryl was prepared to make the long trip to move from the busy bustling city to a ranch... More > in the middle of nowhere. A total career change was not only welcome but something she needed. Life had thrown her a curve ball but she would bounce back. Ray didn’t think he would get a response from his advert he had placed in a magazine for a housekeeper. The one and only response he got was the person he appointed. After days of travelling Meryl arrived at the ranch but minutes later she changed her mind and left. Ray had to make quick work of calming the waters. He didn’t want to let her go! They seemed to have their wires crossed. She returned to the ranch and flourished in her new role as Ray’s housekeeper. Little did they know what the future held for them on the wide expanse they called home.< Less
Permanently Part Time By Bridgitte Lesley
eBook (ePub): $8.99
My success is your success. But most important of all, your success is my success! When Patsy Golding decided to change her life she had no idea of the direction things would take. Trapped in a... More > marriage where she was treated as a possession, she needed to escape. She realized she had married for all the wrong reasons. Charles was not the husband she dreamt of. Starting out as a Homeware representative to make money to stash, Patsy was soon on her way to taking her life back into her own hands. What started out as a money spinner soon became her focus. Success did have its drawbacks. Patsy became the target of her mentor. The person who taught her everything she knew about direct sales. Riddled by jealousy, Hope took her frustrations out on Patsy in the oddest ways imaginable. Permanently Part Time has everything you can think of! Literary Fiction with zeal and zest!< Less
An Education! By Bridgitte Lesley
eBook (ePub): $5.99
David didn’t really know what he was getting himself into. The children in the neighborhood needed a school and he had offered to have it built on his property. He ran with the project but... More > had to arrange for someone to run the school. It took a lot of negotiating when he did find the right person. That was the easy bit! Amanda took a while to make her decision to run the school. It took quite a bit of persuasion. She had a fantastic job in the city but with everything that she had been through she thought it was time that she gave everything up and started again. Her focus was to educate the children but at the same time it would be a brand new start. Everything was perfect! Amanda took over and schooling began. Her whole life changed. The children adored her. The parents respected her. She blended in as if she belonged. She realized that David was jealous of the school. Things turned ugly and nasty and after a heated argument with him she left. Her life would change again!< Less

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