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Isabella Black Heart By Marty Drago
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Life in the 18th century was hard if you were poor.Isabella had started life happy,with a mother and father, who was a master saddler. When debts grew,the local judge, Marley,had her parents... More > killed-Not for justice though-only so he could claim his prize,Isabella. Marley kept her prisoner in his cellar,abusing her when he had had enough of the prostitutes he had thrown in Newgate prison. Then one day, a highwayman named Dick Turpin, robbed Marley's home and found his little secret.His gang rescued Belle,and raised her in the woods, teaching her to hunt and rob.Marley searched to find the only witness to his terrible acts,forcing the gang to split. When tragedy strikes,Isabella's heart is broken and she sets out to seek revenge on the man that ruined her childhood and screwed with the lives of her friends.She finds an unlikely ally when finally,a man of the law sees her for what she really is, and turns the tables for Marley. A story of love,adventure, and of course, revenge. The legend of Isabella Black Heart.< Less
The Tunnel By Marty Drago
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One long forgotten summer day, DI Warner's life changed. His little girl disappeared forever.His crusade to find her boosted his career but finished his marriage.Just when he thought he was doomed to... More > spend life alone,he met seemingly normal Sarah.Then while working on the abduction of Sophie,a local child,the main suspect dies suddenly. He starts to question Sarah as she talks in her sleep revealing names from his case.Not only that,she mentions his daughter,digging up the past he tried so hard to forget.He accuses Sarah of snooping then being involved with the abduction. The couple fall out,but in a twist of fate,Rob's ex wife reunites them as she tells him the truth about Sarah.Together they journey into Robs past to find the horrid truth about his daughter.Then guided by forces that Rob doesn't even understand,the race is on to find Sophie before it is too late.< Less
Isabella Black Heart By Marty Drago
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Set in London in the 18th century, Isabella is orphaned at 12,and held captive by a Judge with a taste for prostitutes. When a gang of highwaymen led by a certain Dick Turpin, rob his home, they get... More > more than they bargained for. They rescue Belle and raise her as their own, teaching her the way of the woods and how to rob the rich. With the Judge out to hunt them all down, they flee, and tragedy strikes. Belle's lust for revenge sends her on a eye opening journey, where the hunters become the hunted. This is a story of love, loyalties, revenge, and the fight for justice. This is the legend of Isabella Black Heart...pure fun, action, and romance mixed into fiction and fact.< Less
Aquarius By Marty Drago
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Lucy is a London girl in a foreign land, as she is whisked away to Florida by an uncle she's never met.Her normal life turns upside down when she magically decodes a file found in her dead parents'... More > house.She hires a detective to help her uncover her parents' secret life.Luke discovers he has a strange connection to Lucy along with 210 others.They reveal their births were part of a project that wants them back! Unfortunately so does their enemy. The world is thrown into war when world leaders and bankers erase paper money from the system and bring in compulsory human microchipping.As rebels go underground, so Project Blueprint surfaces.The 212 all follow their own journey to a place they have all shared in their dreams-A crater in the desert. Here they discover their purpose-To bring down corrupt governments and end their wars. What they didn't expect is who they would be up against, and what would become their allies.This is Lucy's story of how they woke the world from its sleep.< Less