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Mattie Townsend (The Guttersnipe) By Alice Marie Yax
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London, England - 1758 Twelve year old Mattie found herself in the back streets of London's slum area when her father was sent to prison for indebtedness. She soon learned that the best way to... More > survive was going through garbage thrown out by pubs that served food. A chance meeting with a young man who was recruiting women to sail to America was a way out of the miserable life she led. However, she had to sign up for seven years as a bond servant. It was frightening not knowing what kind of bond servant she would be. It was only her faith in God and putting her life and future in His hands that enabled her to leave the land of her birth to an unknown future in a new country.< Less
Callie McLain By Alice Marie Yax
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When Uncle Oliver died in the winter of 1888, it left thirteen year old Callie without any living relatives except her two younger brothers, aged seven and five. She did not have any means of... More > supporting them so well intentioned people sent her and her brothers to an orphanage. There Callie faced the cruelty of the man who was head of the home. The courage she showed was not so much for herself, as it was for her younger brothers. It was only her faith in God and her sharp mind that gave her the determination and fortitude to prevail.< Less
Gwen Hathaway By Alice Marie Yax
Paperback: $12.04
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The year was 1810. Ten year old Gwen and her two younger brothers were left orphaned when renegade Indians raided their farm, killing their parents and set fire to the cabin. The three children were... More > spared from being killed because they were playing in the corn field when the Indians struck. The children managed to rebuild a small portion of the cabin so they would have shelter in the winter months ahead. A man and his wife came through in a covered wagon and took over the farm and their cabin, making slaves of the children. It makes for serious , but sometimes amusing reading how the children got out of this situation.< Less
The Yax Clan By Alice Marie Yax
eBook (PDF): $2.50
Fictionalized history of the first Yax to migrate to America in the 1700's