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I'm In Control - Free Copy By Dalyne Micerry
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Ryen Carmichael is a witty, spoiled, challenging lady and an up and coming journalist who has a story to tell....when she figures out what it is. In the mean time, she is haunted by her past when she... More > comes across a man she thought would be in and out of her life within a few hours. Ren Donavon is the hottest man Ryen has ever met. Her body betrays her after what was supposed to be a one-night stand, she finds she can’t get him out of her mind... or her soul. He knows her body better than she does. But she’s afraid of his world, so it could never work. Ryen’s story is finally told. Hi, my name is Ryen Carmichael and I can’t be controlled. A Control Novel (Book One) Erotica Romance Editors note: This is Dalyne Micerry's debut novel and the first book in the 'Control' trilogy. Enjoy her growth and development as a budding author with books 2 and 3 while you continue on the rollercoaster ride of Ryen and Ren's tempestuous love affair.< Less
Out of Control By Dalyne Micerry
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Ryen’s story continues… Ryen Carmichael married a man she just met. Unfortunately, she finds out about his past too late. She wants the marriage annulled but her new husband, Ren... More > Donavon, has other plans. Ryen feels like she’s going insane when all hell breaks loose. Her marriage falls apart. Her job is jeopardized. Her past haunts her and family matters were nothing she could have predicted. Ryen gave her mind, body and soul to Ren when she said, “I do”. Was it all a mistake? Hi, my name is Ryen Carmichael. When I married Ren Donavon I had no idea that my life would spiral Out of Control! A Control Novel (Book Two) Erotica Romance< Less
Back in Control By Dalyne Micerry
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Ryen’s story continues… Ryen Carmichael has gone through so many changes since she met Ren Donavon. Some she could have done without. Just when she thought her life was back on track it... More > took a crazy turn. She never could have expected this new life and she really didn’t expect her ex-boyfriend, Mike, to be a part of it. Could she have been wrong when she thought she could find her happy ever after with Ren? Was she wrong about Mike? Would Ren be as patient as he always claimed he was? Was life supposed to be this crazy and out of control? Hi, I’m Ryen Carmichael. It took awhile but I’m Back in Control! A Control Novel Erotica Romance< Less
Playing for Keeps By Dalyne Micerry
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Willow Hudson gave up on dating long ago. She hated the games men played and wanted nothing to do with them. However, when she unexpectedly met two men at the same time, she thought she might give... More > love another try. She met Dan online and Lucas through a friend. Which one should she choose? How could she pick just one of them when she was in love with both? She didn’t know, but she had to let one of them go. Lucas Galveston was the biggest romantic around and he was looking for love. Not just any love, he wanted the one. How could he have known she had been right under his fingertips? When he figured it out, it didn’t take him long to know she was the love of his life. He knew she felt the same way, but how would she feel if she knew about his secret? Well…perhaps he would never have to tell her about Dan. It was a risk, and one he hoped he wouldn’t regret.< Less