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INFINITY By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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This Book is a script for film and television. The message of the script titled "Infinity" is clear. No matter how far one shalt roam in this life, no matter how many space ships you have... More > or how many galaxies you have visited; family and friends will always be the "real gold". The intangible treasures taken by Samantha in her life upon traveling from a luxurious spaceship back to her ancient Grandfather"s estate reinstates the importance of heritage and ancestry. Upon embracing these natural gifts leads Samantha to learn that Goddess Magic is real. Furthermore that science cannot explain everything and a mere human being can make a miracle happen at once. The message of the book is reinforced again by Samantha's closeness with her son Frank, and her glorious display of motherhood shines through Frank"s sole achievements. Samantha has the world in her hands, but knows there is always something new to learn.< Less
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Dolly is a mother and a wife who commits suicide. Her five children are separated and find each other again when they are adults. The siblings want to know why their mother took her life so they... More > travel back in time in a time machine with stolen mind reading technology. Evonne, Dolly's daughter is guilty of crimes against her mother and steals a very important journal on arrival into the past, without reading it first. The vital information lost was the key to their escape, will they ever really know Dolly?< Less
Chronicles Two Change the World By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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In this Memoir, Chronicles Two Change the World the Author explores whether her condition is ESP and communicating with the other side, or certain celestial realms opposed to what doctors classify as... More > insane. Lisa-Marie explores the themes of religion, writing about Jesus Christ versus Magic, and hidden messages in the history of religion. While writing in detail everything the invisible voices say to her; she expresses ideas about what is really going on here in her metaphysical experiences. Is madness a touch of genius or is it a brain disease? It includes her earlier blog articles as well from the year 2013.< Less
Anabelle's Magik By Lisa-Marie Enaaja
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Anabelle is a Magical Mermaid and must save her family and friends from a horrible oil spill in the sea where she lives! Anabelle uses her Magik Spells to save the day with her friend the flying... More > dragon. Do they succeed in saving the others of the ocean? This children's story is written in Poetry. Purchase your copy Today.< Less