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Big Arn's Puroresu Adventure 2014: First Navigation By James Dixon, Arnold Furious, Benjamin Richardson
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Fed up with being forced to cover endless WWF shows from the eighties and nineties, Arnold Furious decided to up sticks in 2014 and head to the Orient to cover his true passion: Japanese... More > wrestling. In the first of his two part adventure, Big Arn travels the length and breadth of Japan to take in an eclectic wrestling scene that covers every possible genre imaginable. Covering all of the happenings in Japanese wrestling for promotions big and small between the months of January and June, Big Arn stumbles across some unseen classics, hidden gems and match of the year candidates. As ever, he also sees some pretty ropey stuff too. With handy guides to the promotions and a few history lessons sprinkled in to help out fans unfamiliar with Japanese wrestling, Big Arn's Puroresu Adventure is suitable reading for all fans. Though be forewarned; he does tend to get a little excited when writing about Japanese wrestling! It's all documented here in this 140,000 word tome!< Less
Titan Sinking: The decline of the WWF in 1995 (Hardback) By James Dixon, Jim Cornette, Benjamin Richardson
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Throughout the history of the WWF, there have been times of prosperity and times of hardship, cycles that shape the ethos of the company by forcing changes to its infrastructure and on-screen... More > direction. The one constant throughout three decades of change is Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the stalwart puppet-master who captains the ship. Unflinching, thick-skinned, and domineering, McMahon has ultimately outlasted all of his competition and come out on top of every wrestling war he has waged. In 1995, he very nearly lost. Titan Sinking tells the tale of one of the most tumultuous, taxing and trying years in WWF history. This book gives the inside story of all of it. Find out the real story of the year, and learn how 1995 brought WWF to the brink.< Less
The Complete WWF Video Guide Volume III By James Dixon
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An invaluable resource for any wrestling fan of the era. The third in the series from This is the complete guide to every WWF VHS release from July 1993 to June 1996,... More > with full reviews of every tape, alternative wrestler bios, exclusive artwork by Bob Dahlstrom, awards, match ratings, and much, much more. Learn about the ascension of Steve Austin, the death and rebirth of The Undertaker, the return of the Ultimate Warrior, the rise of the Kliq, some of the greatest matches of the 90s, some of the worst angles and gimmicks in wrestling history, the collapse of the tag team division, some of the inaugural WWF "divas", the wrestler who was half man and half bull, a tag team from the future, the aborted push of the next American hero and one of the worst WWF pay-per-view events of all time. This is the best volume yet and once again is stuffed to the gills with facts, opinions and cockamamie theories. Enjoy!< Less
The 3CW Encyclopedia By James Dixon
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The official and final definitive guide to 3 Count Wrestling. Featuring full bios (most with pictures) of every wrestler to ever compete for the company. Full results from every show. Complete title... More > histories. Company stats and records. Event reviews, and much more.< Less