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Creatureton Elementary By Anthony Paolucci
Paperback: $8.99
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Eighth grader Sally Salamander Squibly is the unfortunate progeny of a Vampiress and a Werewolf. Why unfortunate you ask? Because Sally was born completely normal. Life at Creatureton Elementary is a... More > daily trial, a result of the physical and profound differences that separate poor Sally from her monster peers. Relentlessly taunted and bullied, she perseveres while seeking solace in her friendship with a human boy named Logan. Then one day, she is offered a chance to be like the other children, only on a much grander scale. The temptation of power is great, and Sally must choose between her sad but dignified life, and an opportunity to rise above the torment. Will the results be everything that she had hoped for and anticipated? Then there is the matter of her parents' dark and troubled past, and the mysterious villain who may or may not be after young Sally…just waiting for her to embrace her true monster nature, and assume her powerful role by his side.< Less
Little Me Too By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $16.95
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A spirited boy with courage to spare, Ryan longs to partake in the fun activities enjoyed by the older children in his family. Yet, being the smallest and youngest isn't easy, and Ryan must find... More > another way to pass the time. Just when he's about to give up, Ryan learns that sometimes being small has its advantages.< Less
Shy Boy By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $17.95
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Leopold is the quintessential outsider. Preferring to experience life from a safe and predictable distance, he shelters himself in the love and care of his cherished reptile collection. Leopold... More > feels a deep affinity with these creatures, their cold and emotionless behavior a trait that he strives to embrace in order to protect himself from the realities of adolescence. Yet as much as he tries to camouflage his presence with silence and a dark, forgettable appearance, Leopold fails to achieve true anonymity at both home and school. Until the day he is made a unique offer and given the chance to hide himself from the world, while remaining in plain view. Will Leopold find happiness in this coveted state, or will getting his wish prevent him from seizing opportunities that might otherwise improve his life?< Less
Beautiful Black By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $16.95
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An illustrated poem about some of the many wonderful things that are the color black.