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Islam, Peace or Beast By Simon Altaf
eBook (PDF): $10.49
What many prophecy writers failed to recognise pointing 180 degrees West when it should have been 180 degrees East. A serious wake up call for the end-times. Why are Muslims becoming so violent? Why... More > the suicide bombings, why the beheadings, why Muslims turn to beheadings as seen in London recently.< Less
What Else Have They Kept from us? e-book By Simon Altaf
eBook (PDF): $11.99
This book is as the result of an e-mail conversation with a person who asked me some questions and one of her questions upon my answer was “What else have they kept from us?” This was the... More > question that led to this book because instead of answering people with small sections of answers I decided the time had come that a book had to be written to answer and address everything as it happened from the start to the end so that many may see that the deception is real and it’s a deep cunning deception which starts from your TV screens, in your newspapers followed by wherever you go in your daily life. How would a person know that they are being deceived if they do not know what to look for? This is how it is with Christianity today that is simply mixing paganism with truth. Who was Yahushua, the real Hebrews and Israel. Yet you have never been presented with the truth as yet, which will shock you to the core.< Less
Yeshua or Isa Paperback By Simon Altaf
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ever tried to witness to your Muslim friends and were mocked? Do you have Passion for the Muslims to be saved? Want to know how Jesus Christ is Yeshua and not Isa? This book helps you to build a... More > solid bridge with the Muslims. It clarifies your theological doubts and helps to present Yeshua to the Muslims effectively. Simon a former Muslim from the Sunni Islamic background underlines how to effectively communicate the good news of Yeshua the Messiah.< Less