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Erotic Conversations By Daniel Blue
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For Adults Only. Sometimes you just want a real quick read. You want to get right to the juicy bits without loads of descriptive passages. Erotic Conversations is just that – conversations... More > only; the stories are told through dialogue. This short, 6000 word long book won't appeal to everyone but if you like a little juicy pillow talk download your copy today.< Less
The Beefy Manifesto By Daniel Blue
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The Beefy Manifesto is a praise poem celebrating the beauty of big men. We shall be husky, stocky, burly, chunky or beefy We shall stroll the streets on a slow rotation Of ball of foot, and heel Of... More > meaty cheeks slowly bouncing high and low We shall demand attention wherever we go Folks will stop and stare But we won’t care As we present beef on the bone Man made of fur, fat and muscle. We present the Beefy Manifesto We present not arms but our manly charms…< Less
Names to Avoid By Daniel Blue
eBook (ePub): $1.49
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Everyone knows that Mr. and Mrs. Traytion should not name their daughter Penelope because everyone shortens Penelope to Penny. What about other first and last name combinations to be avoided? And... More > what about all the new names out there these days; which combinations should be avoided? 'Names To Avoid' provides you with several hundred name combinations which are funny. Avoid them if you want but have a chuckle before you discard them.< Less
Filthy Jokes and More By Daniel Blue
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FOR ADULTS ONLY. ‘Filthy Jokes and More’ is filthy, rude, crude, dirty, smutty but funny, and goodness knows we need more to laugh about in this world. Sometimes the dirtiest jokes are... More > the ones that let us have a real belly-shaking laugh most easily. Rather than being a collection of jokes harvested from the internet it is instead a collection of jokes, limericks and verse from the author’s pen. Download your copy now and ease the tension out of your poor over-worked and under-paid muscles.< Less