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A Busker's Guide To Paris By Sean McCabe
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Jimmy Devine (guitarist) and Gideon (fiddler) travel to Paris on a short busking tour. Upon arriving, they bump into old friend Johnny Farraway (fiddler), who spends his days sitting on the platform... More > of the Odeon metro station waiting for fellow busker Rob (guitarist), who never shows...They bump into Boru McInerny (singer supreme), who spends most of his days perched on a barstool in the Happy Irishman Pub, near the Louvre. They bump into Celine, an old flame of Jimmy's, who invites the duo to come stay at her place. However, they are staying at Eduard Malvonde's house. Eduard (infamous blacklisted writer) loves chatting over dinner about his favourite French authors, and his food ain't bad either. Jimmy is inclined to lodge with Eduard, but when Gideon suggests that he go and stay with Celine (at her invitation), Jimmy has a change of heart. Suddenly jealous, Jimmy finds himself wanting to stay forever in Paris, in his old girlfriend's place, of course. Love conquers literature, but is it too late..?< Less
Jimmy's Way By Sean McCabe
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Story about a young Irish singer trying to make it on the Irish pub scene in New York in the 1990's
The Days By Sean McCabe
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Fifteen year old Eoin Grady spikes his hair and dons a pair of doc marten boots, thereby launching his punkrocker's rebellion against his conservative minded parents. With his 'mod' friend Bozo, Eoin... More > wanders the streets of his home town of Baile every night, looking for adventure. He finds plenty of adventure when he lands a job as a DJ in the local pirate radio station. His rebellion leads him to the discovery of a darker, more sinister side to life in Baile... 'McCabe's gentle recollections spring eternal'-Cahir O Doherty, Irish Voice, New York.< Less
The Homecoming By Sean McCabe
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Jimmy Devine goes home to Ireland from Paris to settle down and get a proper job. But he can't settle down. He gets a job as a teacher in a rural school in the 'middle of nowhere', but memories of... More > the free and easy life he had in Paris haunt his dreams. His ex girlfriend comes to visit from Paris and while travelling together in Connemara Jimmy suddenly realises he has a big decision to make! Love and adventure in Paris, or a dull but comfortable existence in rural Ireland...< Less