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Lik-a-Chik, Nova Scotia and Much More By tom weathers
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We go to Nova Scotia in 2010 not long after our wives died. We are sporting old men in Bob's Z4 convertible. Starting in North Carolina, we go through all the New England states. We see mansions... More > in Connecticut and shacks in Maine. We see unbelievable landscapes in Cape Breton and the Lik-a-Chik fast food joint, which, for some reason is included in the name of this book. We get stopped by Mounties coming into Canada. There are stories which might be true. - The false execution of a Japanese tourist in an old British fort. - A spirit and a wolf in Gorham. - A waitress who looks like Brenda which causes me to become lost the next morning. - A melee between old people on two tour buses fighting to see Breton scenery. In Providence we spend a couple days with Genie who I have known longer than anyone in my life.< Less
The Great River (and Hearst) By tom weathers & bob wilson
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Back and forth across the Mississippi past 2,000 miles of corn. Into Quebec as far North the road goes. Then Hearst. There are no left turns. That is the wilderness. 4570.3 miles of travel. 15... More > states. 2 providences. Some dirt roads, stuffed wolves, moose and local cafes. The best looking hostess in the world. A simulated gun fight on Main Street at 12:00 AM with live bullets (while Bob sleeps). Getting lost. Faced down by a deer. Wild ride on Lake Superior. Unidentified feces. The fifth big trip since 2010 -since the wives died. Getting ready. Bob makes reservations; maps routes, makes spreadsheets, does maps, prepares the truck, makes his stuff list. I assemble more maps, start a blog, take a first pass on my stuff list. We leave at 7:00 Sunday morning 8/24. My 75th birthday is 8/25 Thursday. We are gone.< Less
Not Shaped for Sportive Tricks By tom weathers
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Poems about science and 3:00 AM at the Waffle House. Essays about science, Zen, the sacred and the profane and toilets.
Single Payer and the Merry-Go-Round Of Money By tom weathers
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Moral Imperative - This little book is based on the premise that health care should be a right not just a commodity. It should be like fire protection, police protection, clean water and other... More > services provided by most “civilized” countries. It should be equally available to all citizens. It is a moral imperative. Underlying Theme - Despite the moral imperative, health care is being treated as a commodity. Not only does this create ethical dilemmas, it makes the system expensive and difficult to manage. Health care is not a classical market based system. Supply and demand functions need to be performed by a government mandated master market - typically called Single Payer - although it could be called Medicare. Parts The book has four parts. They are: 1. Merry-Go-Round 2. Single Payer 3. Insurance 4. History< Less