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The Great River (and Hearst) By tom weathers, bob wilson
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Up the Mississippi into Canada as far the road goes in Quebec. Go straight; left turns into wilderness. 2,000 miles of corn. 4570.3 miles of travel. 15 states. 2 providences. Some dirt roads, stuffed... More > wolves, moose and local cafes. The best looking hostess in the world. A simulated gun fight at 12:00 AM with live bullets (?). Getting lost. Faced down by a deer. Wild ride on Lake Superior. Un-named shit. The fifth big trip since 2010 -since the wives died. Getting ready. Bob makes reservations; maps routes, makes spreadsheets, does maps, prepares the truck, makes his stuff list. I assemble more maps, start a blog, take a first pass on my stuff list. We leave at 7:00 Sunday morning 8/24. My 75th birthday is 8/25 Thursday. We are gone.< Less
Not Shaped for Sportive Tricks By tom weathers
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Poems about science and 3:00 AM at the Waffle House. Essays about science, Zen, the sacred and the profane and toilets.
Single Payer and the Merry-Go-Round Of Money By tom weathers
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Moral Imperative - This little book is based on the premise that health care should be a right not just a commodity. It should be like fire protection, police protection, clean water and other... More > services provided by most “civilized” countries. It should be equally available to all citizens. It is a moral imperative. Underlying Theme - Despite the moral imperative, health care is being treated as a commodity. Not only does this create ethical dilemmas, it makes the system expensive and difficult to manage. Health care is not a classical market based system. Supply and demand functions need to be performed by a government mandated master market - typically called Single Payer - although it could be called Medicare. Parts The book has four parts. They are: 1. Merry-Go-Round 2. Single Payer 3. Insurance 4. History< Less
Crossing Infinity - Collapse of Civilzation As We Know It Etc By tom weathers
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About stuff (which can be material or immaterial), desire (resulting from need or greed) and collapse. A collapse happens when desire exceeds stuff and stuff runs out. In the terms of this book,... More > infinity is crossed. The collapse can be visualized as an asymptotic curve jumping nothing. If the stuff is important, the collapse is important. There are two ways to avoid a collapse - reduce demand or increase the supply of stuff. Crossing Infinity "distills" six books about this subject. To distill a book is to capture its essence. The books distilled are (1) Great Disruption, (2)Upside of Down, (3) Coming Apart, (4) Collapse, (5) Black Swan and (6) Flat Earth.< Less