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Cyber Infrastructure Protection [Enlarged Edition] By Tarek Saadawi et al.
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This book provides an integrated view and a comprehensive framework of the various issues relating to cyber infrastructure protection. It provides the foundation for a long-term policy and roadmap... More > for cyber security as well as technology challenges. The book is divided into three main parts. The first part deals with strategy and policy issues related to cyber security. It provides a cyber power theory, discussion of Internet survivability as well as large scale data breaches and the role of cyber power in humanitarian assistance. The second part covers social and legal aspects and discusses the attack dynamics of political and religiously motivated hackers. The third part discusses the technical aspects including the resilience of data centers, intrusion detection, and with strong focus on IP-networks.< Less
Adapting, Transforming, and Modernizing Under Fire: The Mexican Military 2006-11 (Letort Paper) [Enlarged Edition] By Inigo Guevara Moyano, U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
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Since President Felipe Calderon took office in December 2006, Mexico has embarked upon the implementation of a culture of law and security that has triggered a war with organized crime. This war has... More > involved all sectors of society and has activated a series of renovations in its armed forces, which to date remain the most trusted institutions in Mexican society. This groundbreaking Letort Paper is an important contribution to an understanding of the structure, culture, motivators, and challenges of the Mexican military in the 21st century. Mr. Iñigo Guevara Moyano, a Mexican researcher and writer, provides a clear picture of doctrinal and structural transformations, adaptations, and improvement that the Mexican armed forces have endured over the past 5 years. Mr. Moyano focuses on how the counternarcotic role has impacted its organization, deployments, and operations, and how it has generated new doctrinal and equipment requirements.< Less
Chinese Lessons from other Peoples’ Wars [Enlarged Edition] By Andrew Scobell et al.
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The importance of China stems not only from its current international role and its influence on the Asia-Pacific region in particular, but also because China’s impact on global developments... More > will likely continue to grow. One of our enduring imperatives is to accurately survey China’s experiences as a means to grasp its existing perceptions, motivations, and ambitions. More than ever, solid, evidence-based evaluation of what the PLA has learned from the use of force and conflict elsewhere in the world is needed to shed light on the prospects for its cooperation, or rivalry, with the international community. This volume provides unique, valuable insights on how the PLA has applied the lessons learned from others’ military actions to its own strategic planning.< Less
China-Latin America Military Engagement: Good Will, Good Business, and Strategic Position [Enlarged Edition] By R. Evan Ellis, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
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The reemergence of China on the global stage is arguably one of the most important phenomena of our time. With its sustained high rates of economic growth, the People’s Republic of China (PRC)... More > has dramatically increased trade and investment flows with the rest of the world, including regions such as Latin America, with which it historically has had very little interaction. In many of these countries, the PRC has gone from having an almost negligible economic presence to replacing the United States as the number one or number two trading partner. Moreover, particularly since the end of the global financial crisis, Chinese companies, in coordination with the Chinese government and banks, have begun to make multibillion dollar loans and investments in Latin America, creating a rapidly expanding presence of Chinese companies and workers in the region in such sectors as construction, logistics, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail.< Less