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SpiralDancing Life By Maria Yraceburu
Paperback: $9.95
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The Timeless Principles of EarthWisdom for the 5th World The Essential Introduction for SpiralDancing Life on Earth, and Living Free. SpiralDancing Life is a spiritual and psychological guide... More > compiled by Maria Yraceburu, to help people seeking the path to self fulfillment and actualization. SpiralDancing Life adapts the ancient principles of tlish diyan to help us integrate the many dimensions of life as we begin to write the next chapter of our own stories. Written in easy to apply style, complete with thought provoking essays, ritualistic actions,a nd prayer affirmations. SpiralDancing Life opens magic an the mystical back up into a powerful source of growth and co-creation – and blossoms into a full blown lifestyle quickly. This anicnet eco-psychology basics shows the way to: Incorportate greater joy, fulfillment and inspiration into your life Find your center Healing the body and spirit Build self-acceptance and self-esteem Face your fears REsolve the whirlwind of the mind< Less
The Year of Blessings 2016 - tlish diyan cyclic energy calendar By Maria Yraceburu
Paperback: $17.27
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The Year of Blessings – tlish diyan cyclic energy calendar 11" x 17" Glossy print with 12 Beautiful Color Photographs of EarthSpirit from Gypsy Seer Lynda Yraceburu. Introductory... More > section about how to use this tlish diyan cyclic energy calendar system written by Maria Yraceburu, tlish diyan da’igoti through Yraceburu EarthWisdom @ Taa-naash-kaa-da. In addition to being a standard Gregorian calendar, the art of time tracking offers a compass to peace, insight, and wisdom that come from cyclic alignment. A powerful tool to support and encourage your life timing, 2016’s wall calendar will help ease your mind and body of stress and guide you on a path toward reflection, health, and spiritual awakening. Proceeds support Yraceburu EarthWisdom @ Taa-naash-kaa-da,  a non-profit eco-spiritual community, womyn's healing sanctuary & community gathering place.< Less
Ah-kine Remembrance By Maria Yraceburu
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
ANCIENT STARSEED GENETICS REACTIVATING ANCIENT FUTURE MEMORIES Acclaimed EarthWisdom Consultant, Eco-psychology Coach, LineageKeeper Maria Yraceburu has instructed hundreds of people in the simple,... More > dynamic, yet tremendously successful use of EarthWisdom to improve their lives. Now, along with a few friends, she brings you greater understanding of the other side of things – the Star Lineage side. Now her popular gatherings and writings have evolved into this ancient understanding of How the As Above, So Below really plays out in our lives. If you’ve studied shamanic practices, you’ll find the next understanding made available in a heart beat as you read some of the concepts and exercise dynamcs she shares, that tune your body and mind to innate vibrations and celestial energies, tapping a wondrous source of intergalactic memories, and find a dramatic difference in the day to day experience of your life. From this, the Ah-kine StarSeed School of Re-membrance.< Less
Prophetic Voices of the Sisters of Honua By Maria Yraceburu
eBook (ePub): $9.99
A TIME OF PROPHECY FULFILLMENT IS AT HAND AND THE WOMEN WISDOM KEEPERS OF EARTH step forward to request our assistance in making Earth a Place of Respect. These women of great power and knowledge... More > have long waited for the moment in time when reverence, responsibility, nurturing and life affi rmation of the future would signal the re-turning of Earth... respected feminine in all areas - from healing and spirituality to peace education and cooperative lifestyle changes, the teachings being presented here are fundamental elements of earth wisdom, including actualization of common nobility, individual potential recognition, and the interconnection with Earth. The teachings refl ect the proud and ancient truth of Now.< Less