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2018 Calendar By Maria Yraceburu
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2018 Year of Rejuvenation Calendar This calendar presents the viewer with a look at some of the patterns of Earth-Human Resonance Cycles as viewed by an Apache da’igoti… time tracker,... More > and Gypsy Chovanio. (check spelling) The overall inspiration for compiling this information is for its use in the alignment of contemporary peoples understanding of the phenomena of Earth-Human Cycles. However, little text is devoted to the actual explanation of these concepts. Rather, we would have you sense, or intuit, from what little is given, your cycles with the Sacred Mother, whom we call esonkñhsendehí – Changing Mother Earth. The reference to change is because, she is constantly evolving, and so too are we. Working with this calendar, you will strengthen your connection. Keep in mind that we have lived these concepts our whole life. From the start, you are working to develop a feeling and a trust. Just look at the monthly earth spirit photograph.< Less
Plant, Stone, and Animal By Maria Yraceburu
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Some of our best tips for getting the most out of Maria's wisdom... Give yourself permission to do things imperfectly & get whatever meaning you get from this book. Is it likely that anyone would... More > understand a ceremonialist from another culture on the first pass? Especially when her work is about a spiral of learning, building on experiences and wisdom as we return to receive more each time? You already know that answer.  Be kind to yourself. It's time to play. Spiral through pages of this this book & come back & get more each time, perhaps adding a bit from one of the chapters when you go for the next round. Have fun with it! This book is written in layers. Entering the Silence is a powerful practice that can be enhanced with plant, stone & animal allies.  The lunar cycle & daily prayer information can add to one's daily practice as well.  You don't need to take it all in at once. Let the plant, stone & animal allies work with you to make this practice of life completely your own. Welcome to the family!< Less
SpiralDancing Life By Maria Yraceburu
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The Timeless Principles of EarthWisdom for the 5th World The Essential Introduction for SpiralDancing Life on Earth, and Living Free. SpiralDancing Life is a spiritual and psychological guide... More > compiled by Maria Yraceburu, to help people seeking the path to self fulfillment and actualization. SpiralDancing Life adapts the ancient principles of tlish diyan to help us integrate the many dimensions of life as we begin to write the next chapter of our own stories. Written in easy to apply style, complete with thought provoking essays, ritualistic actions,a nd prayer affirmations. SpiralDancing Life opens magic an the mystical back up into a powerful source of growth and co-creation – and blossoms into a full blown lifestyle quickly. This anicnet eco-psychology basics shows the way to: Incorportate greater joy, fulfillment and inspiration into your life Find your center Healing the body and spirit Build self-acceptance and self-esteem Face your fears REsolve the whirlwind of the mind< Less
Ah-kine Remembrance By Maria Yraceburu
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ANCIENT STARSEED GENETICS REACTIVATING ANCIENT FUTURE MEMORIES Acclaimed EarthWisdom Consultant, Eco-psychology Coach, LineageKeeper Maria Yraceburu has instructed hundreds of people in the simple,... More > dynamic, yet tremendously successful use of EarthWisdom to improve their lives. Now, along with a few friends, she brings you greater understanding of the other side of things – the Star Lineage side. Now her popular gatherings and writings have evolved into this ancient understanding of How the As Above, So Below really plays out in our lives. If you’ve studied shamanic practices, you’ll find the next understanding made available in a heart beat as you read some of the concepts and exercise dynamcs she shares, that tune your body and mind to innate vibrations and celestial energies, tapping a wondrous source of intergalactic memories, and find a dramatic difference in the day to day experience of your life. From this, the Ah-kine StarSeed School of Re-membrance.< Less