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Year of Passion 2015 Calendar By Maria Yraceburu
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Soul Sickness officially closes the door with the passing of the Year of Inner Strength and with it, another Story, another Identity, another Alignment begin. The Time Tracking of Maria Yraceburu,... More > tlish diyan da’igoti as earth spirit photographer Lynda Yraceburu freezes imagry between dimensions of time and space continue now with the 8 1/2 x 11 14 month Star Portal Energetic Calendar: Year of Passion 2015. This calendar is tracked by Maria Yraceburu, a 13th generation tlish diyan da’igoti – time tracker, with over 40 years of experience charting ceremony, healing and reading earth signs. It reads like a normal Gregorian calendar, but each date block also includes the energy of the day, energetic photo providing the cylic messages from the Animal Totem Guardian, and symbolic special days of portal and human openings. The Energy Calendar, produced by the Yraceburus each year is but one of their relationship purposes.< Less
Ah-kine Remembrance By Maria Yraceburu
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ANCIENT STARSEED GENETICS REACTIVATING ANCIENT FUTURE MEMORIES Acclaimed EarthWisdom Consultant, Eco-psychology Coach, LineageKeeper Maria Yraceburu has instructed hundreds of people in the simple,... More > dynamic, yet tremendously successful use of EarthWisdom to improve their lives. Now, along with a few friends, she brings you greater understanding of the other side of things – the Star Lineage side. Now her popular gatherings and writings have evolved into this ancient understanding of How the As Above, So Below really plays out in our lives. If you’ve studied shamanic practices, you’ll find the next understanding made available in a heart beat as you read some of the concepts and exercise dynamcs she shares, that tune your body and mind to innate vibrations and celestial energies, tapping a wondrous source of intergalactic memories, and find a dramatic difference in the day to day experience of your life. From this, the Ah-kine StarSeed School of Re-membrance.< Less
Touch the Clouds By Maria Yraceburu
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Messages from Inside the Lightning: The Lightning Journal of Maria Yracébûrû, diiyin, is a fabulous book for those in need of spiritual support and understanding.  It provides... More > both a source of healing and acceptance for spiritual and physical truth, such as those who have suffered accidents or illness, denial of self, need for validation and a source of inspriration for those who have seen between the dimensions and follow a path to your Ah-Kine – actualized self.  To share in the teachings and lessons for yourself, or to purchase Touch the Clouds as a gift for someone in need, please follow the through.  You will receive a beautiful paperback copy within 5 days of purchase. < Less
SEVEN SACRED STAR SONGS: Book I By Maria Yraceburu
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The Seven Sacred Star Songs is a treasure of indigenous insight, prophecy, and spiritual literature. Part of the larger life cycle, it is the part of that great transmigrational evolution that... More > mystifies This book is Yraceburu's personal guide in time. Her life exemplifies its ideal of spiritual envolvement in the very midst of intense sensory experience and transition. The Seven Sacred Star Songs will be come a favorite read out loud journey.< Less