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The Accidental Assassin: An International Thriller By Fritz Galt
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In this fast-moving international mystery, CIA operative Dean Wells has gotten into big-time trouble in Syria. He is trying to thwart al-Qaeda's latest move in the Middle East when a man ends up dead... More > in his hands. Is Dean to blame? 
 The Syrians think so and put him on an international hit list. What's worse, Dean can't explain in his own defense how the death occurred.
 Enter Carla Martino, a hard-driving CIA psychologist, to investigate the strange case of denial, or amnesia. Or is it something else? To defend him, she must follow him to the ends of the earth.
 Enjoy this timely, tightly plotted inside look at the CIA and high-stakes chase from Aleppo to Hebron, from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh, and from Amman to Jerusalem. 
 You'll feel the desert wind blowing hot down your neck as Carla tries to unravel the mystery and as Dean races to defeat al-Qaeda. 
 Only by completing his mission can he bring peace to the Middle East and solve the case of...The Accidental Assassin.< Less
The Accidental Assassin: An International Thriller By Fritz Galt
Paperback: $17.95
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The CIA sent Dean Wells to the Middle East to infiltrate terrorist groups, but someone in Washington wants him to fail. A seasoned veteran of the clandestine service, Dean meets in secret with key... More > informants in a major terrorist plot, only to have them die in his hands. Frustrated and angry, Dean learns that he is a wanted man, charged with their murder and disowned by the CIA. Drawn by the dazzling beauty of the land and the passion of the people who dwell there, he puts together an unlikely team of misfits to take on the world’s most powerful terrorists. Only if he succeeds in his mission to win the peace can he discover who turned him into…The Accidental Assassin.< Less
Chasing the Tiger: An International Mystery By Fritz Galt
Paperback: $15.99
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American novelist Fritz Galt (Double Cross, The Trap) tackles yet another global problem: the illicit trade in heroin. Galt triumphs again with another clever plot and glimpses into real life... More > overseas in this gripping new international mystery. A small town East Coast private eye is framed for a high profile assassination in the drug world and must flee with the drug trafficker’s wife to Barcelona and Bangkok while he tries to uncover who has set him up. Chasing the Tiger will totally mesmerize you as it takes you on an extraordinary journey of thrills and intrigue around the world.< Less
The Lost Cutlass: An Epic Pirate Tale By Fritz Galt
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Young teenager Rab Burnside lives with Jesse his competitive brother and Buttons, their quixotic grandfather, on the windswept coast of Newfoundland during Queen Anne’s War. One day, Buttons... More > spots a mysterious ship sailing toward shore, doomed to crash into the shoals. Rab and Jesse scramble to save it and set in motion a series of events that take them on the trip of a lifetime. With their newfound ship and a family heirloom, a steel cutlass that can be used for maximum good or ill, the resourceful and determined Rab and Jesse, the youngest sailors of the Queen’s Navy, and Buttons set off to rid the world of a crafty pirate named Captain Smallbeer. The mission takes the small band around the world, where they often come face-to-face with the sinister captain, who steals Rab’s powerful cutlass. From the Sahara to the pampas to China, they must survive storms, battles and betrayal. Can Rab ever capture the evil pirate Captain Smallbeer, who vows never to give up the Lost Cutlass?< Less