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Moore County, N.C. - Bridge and Mill Records (1892-1918) By Stewart Dunaway
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Moore County was formed in 1784 from Cumberland County (which was formed in 1754 from Bladen). Moore County will be reduced in size during the formation of Lee County in 1907 (also part of Chatham... More > Co.). Older records documenting Jonesboro and Sanford will be in Moore County and in modern times Lee Co. This collection includes one of the best collections of modern bridge records in the archives. Detailed drawings of these steel bridges were preserved. Also in this county collection is a modest size of mill records. However, the large quantity of pages, are due to a very lengthy and detailed law suit. Therefore, this isn’t a broad coverage of many mills, but one mill with a lot of legal paperwork. It should also be pointed out that there were no road petitions, but there was a box of overseer appointments (Order – 068.925.4) dating from 1875 to 1895. They are NOT included in this book. (Note: the bridge and mill records are contained in the miscellaneous county records)< Less
Perquimans County, N.C. - Road and Bridge Records - (1711-1799) Vol 1 By Stewart Dunaway
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Perquimans County (on the east coast of N.C.) has the oldest County road records (original documents) in the State Archives (1711). This collection of records represents some of the oldest in the... More > state, and provides insight to the early colonial era road and bridge situations. This is the first of many records for this county. Additional volumes may be completed in the future. Pasquotank, Bertie, and Chowan Counties are also being added. This book also includes part of the “Float Bridge” records for Hertford.< Less
Perquimans County, N.C. Mill Petitions (1744-1885) & Ferry Bonds By Stewart Dunaway
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Perquimans County (on the east coast of N.C.) has some of the oldest Mill records in the state. Coupled with Pasquotank, Bertie, and Chowan Counties, this will clearly document Colonial mill... More > operations. Further, there are N.C. State Supreme Court ruling in this book (for this County) dealing with the Toll Dish fraud. The complete transcript and order to the Superior Court are included.< Less
Alleghany County, N.C. - Road Records - Volume 2 (1861-1910) By Stewart Dunaway
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This is the second and final volume containing records from one box as preserved in the State Archives. Unfortunately, the quantity of records in this box demands two volumes, as well as these... More > records being Stored by type and not just in date order. This will demand both volumes and probably the need to go between them; as the petition might be in volume 1, and the jury report in volume 2. Alleghany County was formed in 1859 from Ashe County, and borders the Virginia-North Carolina State line. Ashe County resides to the immediate west, and Surry County on the east. Ashe County was formed from Wilkes in 1799, and Wilkes from Surry in 1777. Therefore, road records before 1859 will reside in Ashe County (already transcribed by this author). Alleghany County was never subdivided and remains the same since formation.< Less