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Hero Potinia - Book Three Of The Amazon Swords Trilogy By Sam Bonnamy
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The death of the Minos leaves Crete in further turmoil as a faction in the palace struggles for power. Hero, on an expedition to assist the Amazons in the Aegean islands, discovers that the power... More > struggle in Crete is merely a sideshow to a much greater plan that will throw Crete into jeopardy. Hero suspects that the Minos was murdered, but if so, who committed the crime, and what do they hope to gain from it? Hero’s third adventure takes her and Aito far from home, to fight among the Amazons against the enemies of Crete. But who are their real enemies, and what do they want? Hero uncovers a vast conspiracy that reaches even those she thought of as loyal. Once more, the Amazon is entangled in battle and intrigue against enemies both obvious and concealed; worst of all, some are within her household.< Less