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Beautiful Black By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $16.95
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An illustrated poem about some of the many wonderful things that are the color black.
Shy Boy By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $17.95
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Leopold is the quintessential outsider. Preferring to experience life from a safe and predictable distance, he shelters himself in the love and care of his cherished reptile collection. Leopold... More > feels a deep affinity with these creatures, their cold and emotionless behavior a trait that he strives to embrace in order to protect himself from the realities of adolescence. Yet as much as he tries to camouflage his presence with silence and a dark, forgettable appearance, Leopold fails to achieve true anonymity at both home and school. Until the day he is made a unique offer and given the chance to hide himself from the world, while remaining in plain view. Will Leopold find happiness in this coveted state, or will getting his wish prevent him from seizing opportunities that might otherwise improve his life?< Less
The Legend of Windella Witch By Anthony Paolucci
Hardcover: $16.95
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Windella Witch, a neighborhood menace, has a very unique appetite. The day she meets the smart and talented Lori McGirk, however, she is challenged to change her ways forever. Can Lori outsmart... More > this wily witch, or will she be the next in a long line of ill-fated dinner guests?< Less
Sir Foolhardy & the Misfits of Mushwood Forest By Anthony Paolucci
Paperback: List Price: $29.99 $17.99 | You Save: 40%
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In the deepest darkness of the forest of Mushwood, a strange pair of fellows live out their days. Sir Foolhardy, a knight in name only, longs for the glory that belongs only to the conqueror of a... More > great quest. Spurt, on the other hand, lives for the simple pleasures: a pipe, a drink of birch beer, and a foot rub. When Foolhardy decides to seize his chance for honor, he drags Spurt along for the ride. You're invited to join Foolhardy, Spurt, and the merry band of misfits they meet along the way, as this unlikely group departs the forest. As the group seeks adventure, castles, riches, and, of course, true love, with these two leading the way, how could anything go wrong? Did I mention Spurt's a dragon...< Less