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This booklet describes techniques classroom teachers can use to do three things to ameliorate behavior for children with ADHD: 1) revise the environment to set the student up for success, 2) replace... More > the behavior, by teaching an alternative behavior that is socially acceptable, and 3) reframing the response, so the behavior is not fed by the behavior of the adult. We call this the Three R's which are based on the Three T's. The three T's are 1) Trigger (what sets the behavior in motion, 2) Target (what behavior are you wanting to target for change in measurable and observable terms, and 3) impacT (what is the student trying to gain or escape by having this behavior?) So the three T's (Trigger, Target, impacT) form the basis for the three R's (Revise, Replace, Reframe). It's simple and Dr. Riffel's presentation that coincides with this book is color coded to help you remember which of the sections you are addressing with each intervention.< Less
Classroom Management Through Behavioral Interventions That Work : Tier Two Strategies By Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D., Jessica R. Eggleston, Doctoral Candidate
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This book focuses on tier two strategies for classroom management. When teachers feel empowered with information, classroom management is easier. This book is filled with specific strategies based on... More > Dr. Riffel's Triple T- Triple R chart. The three T's are 1) Trigger (what sets the behavior in motion), 2) Target (what behavior do you want to target for change), and 3) impacT (what is the student gaining or escaping by engaging in this behavior). The three R's to combat the three T's are 1) Revise the environment (set the student up for success by changing the environment, 2) Replace the behavior (Teach the student what you want to see instead of telling them what not to do, and 3) Reframe your response (change how you react to the target behavior and feed the replacement behavior. When these three formats are followed, the behavior dissipates. This book also includes specific strategies on many common classroom target behaviors. This book coincides with Dr. Riffel's Tier Two Training.< Less
Having Fun with PBIS: Free or No-cost Reinforcers for Appropriate Behavior By Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D., Jessica R. Eggleston, Doctoral Candidate
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This book is based on twelve years of research. So many schools were focusing on tangible incentives with a PBIS program. Dr. Riffel felt that was not truly what students wanted so she started... More > interviewing students and writing down their responses. As she hypothesized, only one student in twelve years has named anything tangible. This book focuses on the following items described by students: 1) privileges, 2) attention, 3) leadership, 4) praise, 5) assistance, 6) touch, 7) escape and 8) supplies. Although no student named supplies as a choice for reinforcement, the authors felt there were many students who could not afford the normal school supplies. The authors felt the students would feel better if they could "purchase" the school items with "gotcha" tickets rather than have handouts. This has proven to be the case in many schools.< Less
Writing a Behavioral Intervention Plan Based on a Functional Behavior Assessment Two Day Seminar By Laura A. Riffel, Ph.D.
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Dr. Riffel developed a training for Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavioral Intervention Planning after working in a statewide program and assisting schools with Tier Three behavior. She... More > developed a system that is so easy to use, a kindergarten teacher with 25 students could still collect the necessary data to make data-based decisions for a student. This book is set up to be a two-day training where participants learn on day one the data that is being sought and how to analyze it by hand. On day two, the participants learn how to enter this data into a free easy-to-use FBA Data Tool that graphs ABC data and makes data-based decision making even easier.< Less